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Jointstereo is a band from Krasnodar, Russia, that was born November 9, 2008 (the day of the first full lineup rehearsal). Over the next two years band recorded several trial demos and finally released the “Lineout” studio single in 2011. Jonas Kjellgren (a Swedish producer and co-founder of Scar Symmetry) was impressed by the release and offered to mix and master Jointstereo’s debut full-length album. “Refract The Fears” was released April 13, 2012 and gained positive acclaim from the fans.
Several months later Arthur Shakhbazian, co-founder and vocalist, temporarily left the band due to creative and managerial disagreements. After Arthur’s return, the band started working on the second album tentatively titled “Break The Circles”. In the heat of the record session, the project became virtually disbanded and ended up being a studio duo including Arthur Shakhbazian (vocals, lyrics, music, programming) and Yuri Khartiunov (guitars, music, back vocals, programming) who decided to finish the recorded material and release it as “Circles. EP”.
“Circles. EP” was released May, 7 by Another Side Records, a division of Metal Scrap Records.

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“Circles. EP” MCD; 2015; Another Side Records/King Size Production;
“Circles. EP” Digital EP; 2015; Another Side Records;
“Refract The Fears” Digital album; 2012; self-released;
“Lineout” Digital single; 2011; self-released.



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