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DAN DEAGH WEALCAN duo was founded in early 2012 in Moscow, as a solo studio instrumental project by Mikhail A. Repp. More than one and a half year it took to find its own style, the creation of the material and the consciousness that the project desperately needs a voice. August 27, 2013 can be the second birth of DDW, when Eugene "Iowa" Zoidze-Mishchenko - permanent member of Industrial Death Metal band Ungrace (Zaporizhzhya) - joined the project as a singer (session for that moment).

The style of DDW music cannot be explained in a few words. The main thesis of composing tracks was:
1. Be unexpected;
2. Be expressive;
3. Do not limit yourself to the arrangements;
4. Do not repeat yourself;
5. Continuously experimenting.

dan deagh wealcan band photo

As a result, appears a fusion of different components of Alternative and heavy music flavored with Electronic, Post-Rock, Progressive music, Punk, and something from the 70's. But everyone may hear something of their own and give their characteristic.
Cooperative distant work was very productively and by the beginning of 2014 eleven different original tracks and a cover of Noise-Rock band Health was born. Together they made the first full-length album “Two Straight Horizontal Lines And The Organized Chaos In Between: Director's Cut” mastering of which was carried out under the supervision of Anton Vorozhtsov’s (Ungrace, Hell:On) studio TA Production.
After beginning of a search for a label, DDW decided not to stop on reached goal and started to work on their second album. At that time, it became clear that Eugene is an integral part of this project and its creative process - while Michael is responsible for the musical component, the work on the lyrics laid on the Eugene's shoulders.
In October 2014 band decided to take the offer from Total Metal PR Agency to release their first-born. The debut album was released in January 2015.

dan deagh wealcan - band

In May of the same year band released the second full-length album called "Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones?" by the same agency. The album presents completely different creation in compared with the first album, both compositionally and by sounding, combining such genres as: Industrial, Progressive, Post-Rock, Hardcore and Electronic.
The third album, "Fragmented Consciousness", was released in February 2016 by Another Side Records.

Current line-up:
Mikhail A. Repp - guitar, keyboards;
Eugene "Iowa" Zoidze-Mishchenko - vocals.

"Fragmented Consciousness" CD; 2016; Another Side Records;
"Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones?" CD & Digital; 2015; Total Metal PR Agency;
"Two Straight Horizontal Lines And The Organized Chaos In Between: Director's Cut" CD & Digital; 2015; Total Metal PR Agency.



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