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Na pozadí stále aktívneho konfliktu na východe nášho východného suseda – Ukrajiny, sa opätovne v relatívne v krátkom čase zrodil album, ktorý na pomedzí progresu, rocku, metalu, elektroniky a alternatívy môže fanúšikov zaviesť úplne iným smerom, než je streľba, utrpenie a v konečnom dôsledku smrť a to určite nie tá death metalová. Títo dvaja muzikanti tvoriaci DAN DEAGH WEALCAN vedia presne, ako rozbiť predsudky a urobiť hudbu medzinárodne prístupnú. Hlavný mozog kapely, Michail, veľmi vrúcne a otvorene porozprával nie len o ich novinke, ale aj všeobecne o momentálnej situácii.

Interview was prepared by Kremator (Rock Hard Magazine)rock hard magazine 29
Answering Mikhail A. Repp (DAN DEAGH WEALCAN; guitar/keyboards)

1) Hi Michail, I salute you again after a few months of our last interview (October 2014). DAN DEAGH WEALCAN works as you insinuated and the band can be proud of the second full length album released in May. As you know, you already insinuated optimistically that 80% of the album is already done, but was all the work going on so well?
Actually, this was one of the main goals with this album – just to enjoy the process of making the music. The first album have took me a lot of effort and I wanted the next to be emotionally different in its very core – creative process. I just took the ideas and made songs out of them without arguing with myself constantly.

2) Anyway, „Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones“came to life and the nine songs may damage ear of the audience again. Somebody can feel surprised by your view of the art creation as electronics, progress and alternative are really in contrast with hardcore, punk and metal. How do you see it roughly one month after the album release?
Of course, we got some surprised responses, some were even confused by this approach. But isn’t it an essential part of any art – to surprise? From my favorite musicians I always wait for something new and interesting, not just recycled ideas. And that’s why I myself write like this. Not everyone will be pleased by it, but heck, to each his own. I mostly get positive reviews, though.

3) You promised more vital, thoughtful or profound album and I have to agree with you but I also have to state the album contents more of these attributes. Some parts are getting more progressive, some of them are more melodic or you pushed the strings sharply elsewhere. What is the main purpose of the songs´ variety?
The main concept behind the album is stated in its name. Anyone who loves music in general does not limit himself with one style, and everything from new-wave to sludge can play in his headphones. If so, why does the musician need to limit himself? I decided that I won’t do that, and the main idea of the album became writing the material that derives from different musical genres.

4) Looking back to your recent past, what period of time was needed to make the second release? Are you still both working the same way when you are responsible for music and Yevgeniy for lyrics? Or, something has been changed and both of you dabble it each other?
I just counted, and realized that making the album took us about nine months. Just like a baby. And we have nine songs on this album. I found it magical.
Our work with Yevgeniy hadn’t changed. We are comfortable with current way, so we don’t feel like changing it yet.

5) What studio has been chosen for the recording and perhaps, you can reveal us other technical details of the release, the mix, etc? Are you happy with the final result (I mean in comparison with the debut album)?
The recording took place right where the first one was – in our homes. I recorded the instrumental parts in my home studio, and Yevgeniy recorded vocals in his.
As for technical aspects?.. Unlike experimenting with lo-fi approach in the first album (for example, I did not record double tracks for guitars), here I choose more traditional way of recording. In result, songs sound more massive and progressive. And yes! I’m very pleased with the result, which I rarely dare to say to myself.

dan deagh wealcan band photo6) Has something been changed to long-term planes when speaking of your shows? In fact, it would be relevant according to the summer festivals period and your new album presentation. Your very fresh attitude to the music and the mix of genres would fit well in the playlist and a wider spectrum of festivals.
No, unfortunately, we don’t plan anything like that. There are many reasons for it, but the main is I really cannot imagine a good way of doing a live performance. But I won’t claim that it could not happen eventually.

7) How did you come into cooperation with the Ukrainian labelMetal Scrap Records and how do you evaluate your cooperation, promotion, etc?
In a quite prosaic way. Yevgeniy, as you should know, is the singer of UNGRACE, which were working with Metal Scrap. Anton (who plays guitars in Ungrace) responded well about the label’s work. I contacted the label’s boss, Anatoly, and found out that he does very professional job at releasing and promoting the album. He also is very responsive and is always ready to answer any question and consider any suggestion. I totally recommend him and the label, too.

8) How is Yevgeniy doing now and are you still on the same wavelength? Still copying everything of your mind?
I think that is the question that Yevgeniy should answer, but about the wavelengths I say yes! I’m actually am a little scared by this.

9) Unlike the political affairs that perhaps are not related to Ukraine or Russia, but in actual fact, to entire Europe and maybe the entire planet, your predictions came true. How is this tense situation perceived by Russia? Did something happen during this half a year? How do you see the fact that both of you are the shining example how to look for a solution?
Of course, I’d like to believe that all people could find common ground as we did with Yevgeniy. But if we study the history of mankind, we’ll find that it’s horrible. There were 15 000 wars and conflicts during last 5000 years, with almost 3 billion casualties. I don’t want to seek who’s right or wrong, because that couldn’t bring the dead back. And no matter what does one country or another think. We are all humans. What can possibly be more important? And what do we have but hope that peace can be achieved? And if our example could make this problem a little bit better, I will be happy.

10) Despite the political situation in Europe, your music has asuccess sending a message to the entire world of music. Thank you for the interview and I wish you a lot of musical ideas and successes.
Thank you for good words and excellent interview.


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