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Answering Mikhail A. Repp (DAN DEAGH WEALCAN; guitar/keyboards)

1. Under what circumstances came the idea into existence to found DAN DEAGH WEALCAN and when? Is it true that according to accessible information the matter is about a studio project?
I think that I was going to this all my life. From the first sound of music that I heard as a child. But I was constantly distracted by something. And then… Maybe the stars were in the right place, that I finally realized  that I should stop to put it off. It was early spring 2012 and idea was simple - to write music which I would like to listen by myself.  There was no purpose to go and blow up the stage. I feel complete satisfaction sitting in an embrace with my guitar in front of the monitor's screen. And I have «to go and blow up the stage» in my head. At least for the moment.

2. Introducing your band (project) would be appropriate to our fans now, who had no possibility to see you. Who namely forms the current line-up project and was that from the very beginning? Who and what way is involved in this music creation?
DDW is a duo. I am, in generally, impressed by the small forms. «The duo» sounds interesting for rock or metal formation.
More specifically:
It’s me. Mikhail A.Repp. I am responsible for all the music. I write, record, perform and mix entire music in my home studio in Moscow.
Our second half - Eugene Zoidze-Mishchenko. He is our voice. He is our poet. And he does it at his home in Zaporizhzhya. Although initially the project was conceived by me as a single and instrumental, but life as always put everything in its place.

3. Are you members of any other bands or projects? Could you describe your existing musical career?
My musical career I can describe in three words. DAN DEAGH WEALCAN. Nothing before and nothing else. But Eugene is the main vocalist for the Zaporizhzhya’s Death-Groove Metal band UNGRACE. In addition, he is session vocalist for many projects. Well, after all he has his own solo Industrial Metal project called ELECTRIFIED which is preparing to release it debut full-length album.

4. How would you define DAN DEAGH WEALCAN`s musical style? In your opinion, is it possible to characterize it by one word – alternative? Who served you as an example in music, or what bands do you listen to in present time?
Good question. I wish I had somebody that clearly answered on him . Alternative is a very general term, and probably it will approach to DDW as to many what else. And that's Ok. I don't mind that. But you can see the Devil only in details.
I'll try to explain:
DDW - is an attempt to combine a lot of what I like the most in media culture and music. Here are genres and epithets and movies - all together. Expression. Electronics wrapped in post-punk. A little post-hardcore. Just metal. Much love for unusual arrangements. A little love for music 70th. What about movies? For me each track on first album just like soundtrack for movies trailers. It’s how i feel it.
What can I say? ... Alternative - sounds more clearer))))
And what about my favorites bands? A lot. A few of them: Edge of Sanity, NIN, Portishead, Dillinger Escape Plan, Biohazard, Health, Pantera (of course), Massive Attack, Mastodon, Converge (last album was blown my mind), Rage Against the Machine (i still hope for something new from them), Enter Shikari, Norma Jean, Isis, Srapping Young Lad, '68 and Royal Blood (the new two), Deftones, Clutch, Pink Floyd and many many more... and all of them inspired me. And continue doing it.

5. Let`s get back to your long titled debut album “Two Straight Horizontal Lines and Organized Chaos in Between: Director`s Cut.”  In accordance with available material the debut has been recorded more than once. Will you give us an idea of this unusual process?
You’re right. First demos of these songs were very far from it’s final versions. Let's just say that the more I was immersed in the process of recording the more experience I gained. And with experience comes a new vision. In these tracks, there are some parts recorded in 2012 and there are those that I have already written two years later. I'm probably more composer than instrumentalist. The Music to me like a puzzle, which I must gather in the big picture. Therefore, my music is very saturated with different sounds that layered on each other. In this, I'm probably closer to Trent from NIN. I like his approach to the compilation of the sound.

6. Under what circumstances came the cooperation with the Ukrainian vocalist Eugene Zoidze-Mishchenko into existence and when? In present time, who is responsible for music composing and lyrics writing? Does anybody assist the band?
It happened quite organically, and I would even say exactly when. It was on August 27 of 2013. The first time I turned to Eugene with a suggestion to choose 2 or 3 songs for recording vocals. Then I planned that entire album I'd share between different session vocalists with different vocal technique that i could found in the Internet. Yes, that simple. So back to Eugene. I Heard of his work in Ungrace and decided that he handle with the aggressive part of my music. But to my surprise he chose not the most aggressive tracks and I agreed, because, I was curious ... and then the lyrics and performance of Logical - Version 3.76 just captivated me. And I realized that he have to sing it all.
Since that time, our creative process looks like that: I write music almost in the final version with a theme for the lyrics (something like the main core). A style of vocals and lyrics he writes by himself. And he always surprises me. I never know what he will come up for a given composition. And I love it.

dan deagh wealcan band photo7. What is the core of your lyrics and where the themes are taken from?
The core of the lyrics - own personal thoughts about yourself, your own emotions, about your place in this world, about the fight against (the hardest enemy in the world) yourself. When I'm writing one or another track, I am immediately penetrated by the mood of the music and thinking about an idea for the lyrics. It's always about different feelings and thoughts in my mind. And when I bring it up to Eugene, it turns out that he know that feelings and thoughts too. Later, when I'm reading the lyrics written by him, I'm thinking that he copied everything from the bottom of my mind. It's an awesome!

8. Presumably, your following full-length album will also see the light. Can you reveal us some details of it in advance?
And it's true. After finishing work on the first album, I could not stop and decided to write a couple of songs for the EP, but it turned into something more, and became the second full-length. I will say more. It's already 80 percent ready. And it is very different from the first album. It is different in sound and compositions. He is alive. He is more thoughtful. He is deeper.

9. I get off the point now. The whole Europe, perhaps the whole world watch the riotings in Ukraine and the big pressure on Russia at the same time. The Western power is trying to have an influence over the public opinion and disrupt the reciprocal relationships. Personally, how do you see that and  how is that perceived in Russia? What influence does it have on your Russian – Ukrainian musical cooperation?
I can not speak for all people in Russia.  But as for me personally, it makes me sad. It is sad that ordinary people find themselves in a situation where they have to choose some aspect. I do not want to be red or blue.  I don’t want to choose to be «good» or «bad».  This is self-destructive way. It's sad that all such situations arise. I am far from political movements. And i think that the main task of music - make people closer to each other. You can not divide people according to some basic criteria. We are all completely different. Therefore, we are constantly clashing. The easiest way is just to hate each other. More difficult to find common ground. But it's the only right way.
So what about DDW?  Eugene and I primarily are dealing with music. It unites us. I do not think that there are some reasons that may affect on us other than creative. For me the important thing is that Eugene is a great and talented man. The rest is secondary.

10. How about your long-term goals and plans? Will you remain as a studio project or you think of stage performance?
Honestly, I do not have any definite plans for the live stage performances and the current form of creativity is completely fine with me. But… Never Say Never.

11. Thank you for the interview and I wish you to be musically successful.
Thank you for your questions and wishes.


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