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Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance)necromance cover

1) How did you get into Industrial Music? What attracted you to it in the first place?
I never thought in advance that I will perform the music of any certain genre. And now I can not say exactly what genre my music belongs to. It's probably none of my business. I just write and record something. But to deny that industrial had great influence on me is probably silly. Industrial - it's a whole culture with a huge history and a lots of bands that attracts me the ability to combine the incompatible. This is generally the most important thing in music.

2) What is the first Industrial album you ever heard?
Let me think. You'll laugh, but it's Depeche Mode «Ultra». Not the cleanest sample of the genre, but I'm willing to bet. So far, my favorite of their album. At that time I did not know this genre. It was just cool music and that's all. And then it was all in bulk - Ministry, NIN, KMFDM, and so on. Everything is as usual.

3) How did DAN DEAGH WEALCAN duo get together? What sort of aims and goals did you haven when you started out?
For a long time I thought that I would write only instrumental music as one close friend told me that I should sing. I listened to his advice and tried .... And it was just awful. But the idea of introducing vocals to my music sounded interesting to me and I decided to try to find a session vocalist. I heard of the Ukrainian group UNGRACE (and it was something special) and made a proposal to Eugene. And that's what it's all have come to. Coming soon is our first album and we’re already preparing a second. And there are two of us now.

4) What inspires you when you're writing your music?
All. Absolutely. Mood. Sounds. Cinema. Landscapes in front of my eyes. The images in my head. Music that I’ve heard earlier. I go to bed, playing different versions of the arrangements in my brain, and I get up with the same idea. I live for it. I would even say that it is not life inspires me to make music, but music inspires me to live.

dan deagh wealcan band5) Tell us something about the upcoming album "Two straight horizontal lines..." that will be released through Total Metal Records in 2015 in terms of production, studios...
This album I recorded for almost 2 years in my home studio, and mixed it at nights. I changed almost each piece of it several times. It was a very difficult period. But this is my first experience and it could not be any different. Eugene recorded vocals at home and sent the tracks to me for mixing. Praise the internet. Mastered by Anton of TA Production. Great guy. Knows his business.

6) How are the songs in this album sounding? Are you heading in any particular direction? Where is the inspiration coming from this time?
There are a lot of things. But in one sentence: What if Hendrix would have played tracks that Reznor wrote with the Dillinger Escape Plan? But seriously, this is a post-hardcore obsessed with electronics and wrapped in LO-FI. That's how I see it.

7) What is "Two straight horizontal lines..." about? Was there something in particular, in terms of the message that you wanted to get across?
This metaphorical definition of life itself. Those two facets what we bring to it. Good and Evil. Heaven and Hell. Light and Darkness. Two lines. And the chaos, the motion that we create. This album is about life and about me as a part of it. This is a very personal album.

8) I have to ask what is your favorite thing about "Two horizontal lines...".
This is my firstborn. And I love it from beginning to end. It is very important for me. I put a part of my soul into it. It is more expensive than any money. This album is on BIG FAVORITE THING for me.

9) So, when can we expect the release of this album?
January or February 2015. I can not yet say more specifically. There are some technical features associated with the worldwide release. I'm really looking forward to this moment.

10) How do the songs come about? Lyrically and musically? it's a really collaborative process between the two members of the band?
This is a very unique process. I write all the music. Eugene writes lyrics on themes defined in advance by me. So it's something like mind-reading. Eugene is definitely telepath.))) When I read his lyrics, I think that he pulled everything right out of my head. We have a fairly clear division of work, but we influence each other.

11) Any last words to end this interview?
Thank you for the interview. Thanks to all who read to the end. Listen to good and interesting music. And do not forget about us)))



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