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Los helenos han editado su álbum debut, "Cyclicity", a finales del pasado año. Una banda con un sonido que mezcla varias influencias como Death, Progresivo, Power... Con músicos curtidos pero con todo un camino por recorrer, es su guitarrista Tasos Asonitis quien nos presenta Wings in Motion.

Interview was prepared by Raúl Sújar Pozohijos del metal magazine 18

1. Since the band formed in 2008 to your debut album in this 2014 it has been six years. Long time no doubt. Why took you so long time?
We experimented with the band’s sound through self-financed releases. In 2010 we released our first demo, and in 2011 we recorded and released in psysical forma an EP of four tracks. Through these years we worked tough on our music to make sure that our debut album would be a true step forward for Wings In Motion. And we believe we succeeded in that.

2. Before we delve into the band, tell us how they are incorporating members in the band.
We have Andre Boutos on the vocals, Tasos Asonitis on the lead guitar, Alex Lappas on the rhythm guitar, Constantine on Keyboards, George Constantinou on the bass guitar and Foivos Andriopoulos on the drums.

3. Well, we enter into Wings in Motion and their debut album "Cyclicity". How was the songwriting process?
It took us approximately 6 months until we gather the material that the album consists of.  In “Cyclicity” the songs differ from one another. There are heavy tracks like “The Perfect Lines”, technical and more progressive like “The Hydra’s Head”, even with a strong touch of orchestral arrangement like “Of my Demons” which was recently released as a lyric video and you can watch it through our official YouTube cannel Songs with a quite modern layout like our music video “Our Bleeding” and so on.

4. Given that, as I said, been a long time between when the band formed and edited the album. Are the songs completely new or some years wore created?
All of the álbum songs except “Through The Shadows”(which also you can find as a music video on our channel) are completely new. “Through the Shadows” pre-existed and was included in our previously mentioned EP.

5. Musically the band mentioned Dream Theater, Nevermore, Lamb of God, Machine Head and In Flames as major influences. A success in order to guide fans to your music as you have the progressive elements of Dream Theater heavys sounding more like Nevermore, with grunts and similar parts Lamb of Gos and In Flames. Are ye a very open band musically? In the music of Wings in Motion all styles are possible?
It is exactly as you noticed. We are very open when it comes to our style. We incorporate elements not expected to be found in traditional melodic death metal bands. We want our music to be more of a complete experience to the listener, than just another serving of a particular music style. That is why our influences span such a great range and the songs in “Cyclicity” sound so different from one another.

wings in motion band6. The album has been operational since March-April As is still the feedback?
Yes, both our videos and the álbum keep getting very positive feedback, sometimes even unexpectedly. Fans are enjoying what we do and that gives us extra motive to make it even better.

7. In the song "Distances" there is a female voice. Can you tell who it is? Are there other collaborations on the album?
The female voice belongs to Vicky Psarakis, the vocalist of The Agonist. We are very lucky to know Vicky in person, so se was very happy to be a part of our first álbum and we thank her a lot for that. She is the only non-band member participating in “Cyclicity”.

8. I always like to ask musicians on the scene his country to know more about this. What current bands you highlight in your current scene?
The greek music scene does have a lot of talent. There are really good players  here and that is something you are going to find out in the next years when all these bands make some steps outside the country to let the world know of their music. If I had to highlight few I would mention Revenge of the Giant Face, Mindthreat and Revolted Masses.  

9. With regard to media, venuess, music associations... How is the Greek scene?
That is where we need more effort here in Greece. Mediawise there are many people who try to help the young bands promote their music. Regarding the venues, unfortunately there are not many good places to perform live. Unfortunately also there are no great record labels for metal music in Greece so all the greek bands usually work with labels from abroad.

10. There is a global crisis that has affected some countries more than others. Greece has been one that has suffered this closely. How has noticed that in the music scene?
Nowdays you see less big names visiting our country. That came as a result of the economic crisis, as bookers cannot spend that much as the used to do, since most of the shows are not sold out. At least as i said before there are a lot of people who try to ressurect the scene by doing festivals and stuff so we doing our best to support the local scene.  As far as the underground metal scene, it was not particularly affected. It always worked with a low-badget profile and so it does still.

11. In Spain there is a band called WarCry, whose lead singer is called Víctor García. Andre's voice reminded me of him. Do you know something about the Spanish scene?
.....Haha true !! didn't think of that but you are right they have similar voices. I often check bands from all over the world to see what's new and Spain has a great scene, many nice bands like warcry as you mention before, dark moor, mago de oz and many more.

12. Returning to the band. How are functioning the shows for this album?
This year we had the great honor to support Dark Tranquility in Athens and Thessalonikh and also we played at the Athens Beer Festival, now we are planning a European tour to promote our record in 2015.

13. We leave these last lines that you will fellowship with readers Hijos del Metal Magazine.
We hope we visit you guys some day and have a really good time, both onstage and offstage! Rock on!


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