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Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance)necromance zine

1) Could you describe how the band started out?. Let’s introduce all the members of the band.
Wings In Motion started as a band that wanted to play melodic death metal with mostly progressive influences. Later on the group's sound developed a lot and diversified from the traditional melodic death metal sound to move into a more complex one with many contrasting-but-carefully-combined elements. There have been many changes concerning the band's line-up but right now it consists of Andre Boutos on vocals, Tasos Asonitis on the lead guitar, Constantine on the Keyboard, George Constantinou on the bass guitar, Alex Lappas on the rhythm guitar and our latest addition, Foivos Andriopoulos on the drums.

2) How long did you guys spend working on your recent album, "Cyclicity"?
"Cyclicity" was composed during the ending of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. It was recorded between June and November of the same year, mixed and mastered a few months later, within 2013, and finally brought to the audience in the first half of 2014 by Another Side Records.

3) Was there anything that you were working on or hoping to include that didn’t make it into this particular album?
Well when you listen back to an album that is finally over there are always things that you may wanted to do differently. Of course, as time goes by, you grow as an artist and human and experience is brought within your music. But "Cyclicity" depicts best what the band had to say at that specific time so I can't really say we would change anything. We are very satisfied with the result and we believe so will be the listener. We have delivered our own view on melodic death metal but with so many non-traditional elements that whoever might say "Oh, just another melodeath album" before he actually takes a listen, will have to think twice.

4) How satisfying is it to finally release an album to the masses?
It is an incredible experience. Knowing that your art, a part of your soul and being, is out there, available to the public, is a great feeling. It is without doubt a cornerstone in a musician's career and life.

wings in motion band5) When you guys were creating the album, did you all know at the time that it was going to turn out that powerful? Or did it kind of hit you all towards the end of the recording process?
When you work so intensively upon an album you are never able to say how exactly it will turn out to be. You listen to the same riffs, tha same melodies over and over again and you can't really judge objectively. When the mixing comes along, it surely gives you a whole new perspective of what you have created, so does the mastering. We are happy enough to say that the mastering took place at the Fascination Street Studios in Sweden, home of bands like Opeth, Soilwork and many others. It was amazing for us to have this amount of experience take over the mastering of our debut album.

6) Could you explain to readers  how is the sound in "Cyclicity" concerning influences, styles of music represented on it...
"Cyclicity" is not the typical serving of a particular metal style. It is more of a full listening experience, introducing different elements of metal music combined together under the general influence of melodic death metal. Listening to the album a few times you will find out influences from industrial, progressive, symphonic, thrash metal, metalcore. We never feel restrained from a specific genre, we simply play the music as it comes out and we keep evolving it as time goes by. Bands like Dream Theater, Nevermore, Lamb of God, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Machinehead are but a few of the ones that have an impact on us, but it is our take on the metal that we present within this album.

7) Who did the artwork for "Cyclicity"?
It was done by Neopithecus Illustration (

8) How well does Wings in motion’s sound translate into the live setting?
Getting six different people playing together and supporting a live set, altogether with some pre-recorded samples can sometimes be tricky, but that is what rehearsing is for. We try to get our live sound as close to the album as possible and though not easy, I believe we do a good job.

9) What are your plans for touring for the immediate future?
After the global release of "Cyclicity" we do have plans on touring in Europe within 2014 but we cannot make an official announcement yet.

10) What is the biggest challenge that you currently face as a band? Are there any other notable challenges that you’re working to overcome?wings in motion band 2
Many challenges actually. Nowdays, it is very hard for a band to make its first steps and be able to support these steps both mentally and financially. Times are a lot more difficult since there are way more responsibilities upon the artist's shoulders. It is always difficult to plan your next step with precision and to figure out how will you be able to feed the machine you created, your band. That being said, I believe that success is a matter of will and consistency, both of which are tested every day in the pursuit of your goals.

11) How would you describe the current state of metal scene in Greece?
We have unquestionable ammount of talent. If you take a walk through the different live stages you will witness great bands with amazing songs and notable performers, already from a very young age. Unfortunately, the Greek metal scene lacks resources that will help the local bands make a breakthrough. The reason why is a huge conversation.

12) If you could go back and re-do your early career, is there anything you would do differently?
No, everything happened for a reason and it led up to today. We are gratefull for all the great things that occured in our career so far and we are always looking forward for the things to come from now on.

13) In this day and age is there really a need labels in underground metal with the digital age and site like bandcamp and stuff? Why not just do a digital release?
It is by far more satisfying for a musician to have his music released physically than just digitally. It is only when you grab a physical copy of your album that you realize that your music is out there. Furthermore, personally I support the cd's and I really do not want the music to end up being released just digitally. A label can help in many things when it comes to distributing or promoting your record and I can say that with our label, Another Side Records, we do have a very good cooperation so far.

14) Thanks for taking the time to do an interview with us! In closing, is there anything you’d like to share?
I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to present Wings In Motion through Necromance and I look forward to meeting you guys soon. Cheers!


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