AZATHOTH CIRCLE (for Necromance Web Magazine #9, 2015)

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AZATHOTH CIRCLE son una banda que llega desde Ucrania con una propuesta musical en la que podemos apreciar influencias de bandas como ANATHEMA, KATATONIA, OPETH, MASTODON… para crear un sonido post metal bastante llamativo, que es lo que nos ofrecen en su último EP “The replacement”. Les envíamos unas preguntas a la banda y esto es lo que nos contestaron…

Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance)necromance 09

1) How did you meet and start as a band? Which are the actual line up?
We all met on internet – as it happened, a lot of us just abandoned their former music projects, and were looking for something for completely new and epic. At first it was initiative of our, at present time, former guitarist, who was looking for musicians to gather a stoner/post-metal project, but let’s just same it came bigger than anyone could expected, so no it’s lineup is different, then when we begin. We have Alexandra Babiy on vocals, Andrew Shlenchuck on guitar, Mike Yablochkov on bass and Oleg Romanchenko as a drummer.

2) Your music is a combination of multiple elements that seem to come together very intense. Are there any bands or musicians you draw inspiration from?
Actually, those are not bands that inspired all of us; those are bands and styles, that each member of our circle listens him or herself! All of us like different kinds of music, ranging from alternative rock to avant-garde grind core, and each member of our band tries to bring this or that element of their favorite music to the final composing of a track. And it works! However, no surprises there – good music is always built on harmony and logic of all the pieces, and if a post-metal guitar riff with Latina drum-bit sounds great after growling vocals and blast beats – why not use them all?

3) You've recorded "The replacement", your second EP with Alexey Romachenko in Black Light Studio, what do you think about the result obtained?
Alexey Romachenko is a rally great professional and an easy person to work with, because he really listens to musician’s demands, and fulfil them properly, adding his own vision of tracks. So yes – we got material we hoped for, and we are damn happy about it. The only thing that we’ve noticed only when we started performing this material, is that it sounds heavier in live, then in recording. Ultimately, it is a good thing, because people get excellent, well-sounding tracks, and then are smashed by outstanding heavy performing live. That’s what metal is))

4) How was the music written for this second EP?
Well, the same way we always creating music: we all bring some bits of music, and start to combine them. For example, clean part on “HeavenHell” song was actually a mix of guitar riff and bass riff, created for different songs! However, they sounded good together, so we decided to leave it this way. The most important, of course is how our vocalist Alexandra sees new song, because she writes lyrics for them, and also always trying her best for her vocal bits to sound totally unexpected for listener, but maintaining harmony and dynamic of the song.

5) What was the hardest thing about the whole process of making this latest EP?
Actually, there were no hard things about it. All the proses went smooth and quickly – perhaps we even spent more time on rehearsing it and waiting for it to come out on label, rather than recording it. And, of course, creating art for the EP – it was done by our bass guitarist, and he had no idea what to put on the cover or what illustrations for songs to create. Nevertheless, it came to him quickly, when he heard, that a deadline for release was in a week).

6) Did you have an idea of what you wanted "The replacement" to be when you first started writing for it?
Of course we did. Let’s just say, songs from “Replacement” EP were already written and rehearsed in times when our first self-titled digital EP came out! Therefore, we were eager to see the reaction on first ep, which was good, to start recording these songs. In a way, this two EP’s under different circumstances could be one album.

azathoth circle band7) How was the reactions to this EP until now from both, press and fans?
We’ve received many positive reviews both from fans and from press. As was written before, those songs were written long before release of the EP, and we had kind of focus groups with our friends and fellow musicians, and knew all plusses and minuses of the release.
A lot of people admire Alexandra’s vocal as well as guitar and bass reefs, though not everyone are in favor of odd song structure, and way we’ve re-amped our distorted guitar riffs. Overall, it has been less than a year from release and we still get praises from both listeners and media.

8) What made you sign with Metal Scrap Records?
Probably because it is the best metal label, that has strong presence in Ukraine. Local labels does not really give any leads to western media or any western audience. However, with the help of Metal scrap Records people from different parts of the world can listen to our music, an also read interviews with us.

9) How would you describe the band now compared to its debut release?
Perhaps now we feel that we’ve grown: when we just started, our rehearsals where held at an old garage, with pretty harsh sound, we didn’t have any stationary drummer, and all drum music was written on computer, and recorded with the help of session drummer. All those things gave a feeling of a hobby, and not serious business. Now we have a lineup, with serious professional musicians, and we plan things long before they happen. Let’s just say, in the beginning we were thinking more about what will happen next week, while now we are wondering what we shall do next year.

10) Are you comfortable with your music career as a band until now?
Yes, we are happy, but as in any professional career, you always want to get more: both from your personal skill and from audience reaction. So, let’s just say, that at this moment we all are pretty happy, but to maintain this happiness we, as a band should do a lot of work!

11) What do you hope to accomplish next?
Well, it is a long way to an alley of top rock stars, but we are trying our best! This fall we will release a new single and or first video. In addition, we are planning tight touring and not only in Ukraine, but in Europe as a whole! Therefore, wider audience and wider world recognition are our goals for now. No economic crisis or war can stop us. Azathoth is coming, and it’s coming through our music for your soul. JOIN THE CIRCLE!


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