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CBA2A72FAD0ED9331C19AFBA00238A0D753BC66CF6EF8C9402pimgpsh fullsize distrA continuación podrás leer la entrevista que les hicimos a los ucranianos FAUSTTOPHEL, en relación a la salida de su más reciente trabajo “Sancta Simplicitas”, editado a través de Another Side Records (subsello de Metal Scrap Records) y donde encontraremos a una gran banda de Black / Death de corte melódico.


Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance #6/2016)


Welcome to Necromance Digital Magazine, can you tell us about the formation of Fausttophel?
Hello! The history of the band began in 1999 in the city of Poltava (Ukraine). It included three members: Alexander Chumak (R.I.P.), Vyacheslav Vyrvihvost (R.I.P.), Alexander (ADAMS) Savinykh. As well as now, that time the band was also gathered on my initiative. The guys showed great enthusiasm in supporting my ideas – both musical and conceptual. Unfortunately, at the time we got together it was already difficult to organize a gig in the city. That’s why we performed live only a few times. The band participated in the nationwide festival Chervona Ruta once. This fest presents music of all kinds and styles (at least it was such at that time, not sure what it’s like now), from pop to metal… What can I say, well, our participation in this event was utterly ridiculous and funny..))) Two years later, all Poltava metal community was struck by the death of the best metal drummer in Poltava, Alexander Chumak (1980-2001)… He played in such Poltava bands as Lunar Onlooker, Killofucka, Kollaps, No Where, Zoofagus. This was such a devastating blow that many metal musicians, who also used to play with him, lost their inspiration for many and many years. 2001 was a turning point, crappy millennium! This was a time when a new generation started to emerge in place of ours. Then many of us retreated into our shells watching from the sidelines as new movements, groups and music gradually appeared. Actually it can be said that the Fausttophel project was “buried” in about 2003-2004. Some years after, in Russia, I together with Valentin (MAU) Samokhin (keyboards and vocals) decided to “exhume” the project. As a result, in 2013 we recorded the Thirst of Oblivion album.

How did you get to the band name Fausttophel and what does it mean to you?
The name arose spontaneously. Our vision of the band’s name is rooted in Goethe’s Faust. Where a doctor, a scientist, a philosopher was betted on by God and the devil. And in 1949, John Myers Myers wrote a fantasy novel Silverlock in which we came across the name of a character who represented Mephistopheles but was named Fausstophel. Such wording of the name for a band, in our opinion (both in the past and in the present), precisely reflected the concept of our work. The Equilibrium. The Light and the Darkness in one well of knowledge from which everyone will draw what he or she needs. And of course, not for free…)

What bands have really influenced you over the years and why?
So many years have passed, and of course there’s a great deal of bands and musicians who influenced us in some way. It would take a lot of time to name all of them, so I’ll only say that these are bands of widely different styles, cultures and genres – from classical music to jazz, avant-garde, prog, art rock. And of course various extreme music genres.

How did you get to the album title "Sancta simplicitas" and what does it mean to you?
Lyrics in the booklet are printed in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English. I’m telling you honestly! We have no hatred of mankind! Quite the contrary, we are most peaceable, sociable and cheerful devils in the world))) But the fact that this mankind does not even try to learn something and continues making the same mistakes from age to age – destroying to create and creating to destroy… being fully confident they’re doing God’s work – this fact is rather disappointing…( And this fact can be characterized by only one expression – "Sancta simplicitas". It can be said that the album largely reflects stupidity of mankind on the whole… That is what the album title means to us.
Sancta simplicitas means naivety, stupidity, thoughtlessness with which a human being can do terrible things or actions resulting in dispiriting consequences; however, such human being fails to think through such consequences at the moment, or maybe will never think about them at all. Unfortunately, such things happen everywhere and are always up-to-date.

Which song was the hardest for you to put together and why?
I cannot pick out some single song as the hardest one. We worked on each track, this work was interesting, and we are satisfied with the result at this stage. There were certainly some challenges during mixing. For instance, we were trying to avoid “losing” some moment in the arrangement by “squeezing” it with other instruments, sometimes disputes arose – but these processes are absolutely natural, and it looks like finally we came to a correct decision)
On the whole, all songs were composed by flashes of inspiration… This does not mean that the song The Lot of Emptiness, for example, was written with definite confidence in its title!) Each track on the album had its own creation period, and some of them are more than 10 years old… While others appeared one week before the recording. Not to mention the verses of bygone epochs (Sick Earth, The Song of the Leper). Most hard work is to put together long tracks. We prefer long riffs, and many people have already noticed that))) As mentioned earlier, we are not professionals, but when a riff is awesome and goes well with lyrics, we allow it to sound for as long as it requires. Yes, it takes time, but we’ll never say this is hard! It’s just our vision of the composition.

What else can you tell us about the recording process for "sancta simplicitas"?
The recording process is basically an intimate process…) I mean, it’s a complex thing… So there’s nothing much to tell about it…!)

How would you say this record compares overall to what you did on your debut album "Thirst of oblivion" in 2013?
The sound of our first release is of course more “crude” and less balanced, but this can be said about almost every debut album, and for someone it could even be a merit) In terms of arrangements Sancta Simplicitas is somewhat more complex, elaborate and interesting than its predecessor. A lot of surprising gimmicks appeared, which at first were treated just as jokes, but as known, there’s only a grain of joke in every joke, so many of them were included in the final version. If you don’t toot your own horn, nobody else will, that’s why I want to say that I am much more satisfied with my vocal performance on the second album and hope this is not the limit) The same can be said about the rest of the guys.

Can you tell us about how a song normally comes together for Fausttophel?
Well. Normally, my phone rings and Adams says, “hey buddy, check your mail, I recorded some stuff, what do you say?” Then I walk around with these riffs in my player trying to understand how the whole thing could sound and what it will ultimately look like. All the rest do the same. Then we start gathering at home sessions where rough drafts of arrangements are developed, gallons of beer are drank, and parts are created which are then commented on by Domovoy, “***, what the shit have you written?!))” And so gradually the whole stuff takes its final form which we then try to reproduce in the studio. I believe this process to be not that peculiar)
…))) This happens in a rather standard way. Either music comes up first to which lyrics is then written. Or lyrics appear to which music is then composed.) The first variant is more usual in our case. Music creates the atmosphere within which a picture is drawn for me, and I describe it. As to lyrics, our friends Max Rudenko and Sergei Nikolaichuk often share their ideas with us. Arrangements are dealt with by Valentin, other details are worked out at rehearsals by all band members.

What else can we expect to see from Fausttophel in 2016?fausttophel
In respect of creative work we’ve done as much as we could this year. The new album should be tested at live performances…) Since performances bring no money, our concert activity is not so heavy, but still we try to find time for it. By the way, this year we are going to attend a well-known Ukrainian festival Black-Sea-Metal-Fest (Chernomorsk, Odessa oblast). Looks like this is the only thing we are planning to do this year.

In terms of your live show, what should people expect if they've not seen you before?
You know, Fausttophel at the moment does not indulge its audience with stage outfit, attributes or makeup. I do acknowledge there’s a lack of action, but in my opinion any onstage action does not make sense in our habitat as it’s not worth the time and money spent for it. You may call us commercially reckless lazybones if you want))) But our main “weapon” is our heavy service on the stage, which we do guarantee for our audience!)
Of course they should expect high-quality, heavy and, wherever possible, interesting material!

How extensively have you toured so far?
We attended a couple of big cities where not very significant but rather interesting gigs took place. These were Kaluga (Russia), Minsk (Belarus) and Poltava (Ukraine). That’s quite symbolic, isn’t it?) Maybe we’ll consider visiting Europe in 2017, but now these are just thoughts and ideas.

Anything you would like to add?
<#9&%$!28)8$3#@>///)))... We were asked not to overdo it…)))



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