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Encyclopaedia Metallum says that XPUS was formed in 2015 and its location is Bergamo, Italy. I know, a hackneyed question, but may I ask you for a brief XPUS biography?
XPUS is a young band, I formed in January 2015. Thanks to a promo of two tracks as "one man band" I recorded at the end of March I received business proposals from many labels.
The best offer was by Metal Scrap Records, the biggest Ukrainian independent metal music Label founded in 1993.
Before signing I called Mornak, former UNHOLY LAND’s and SOULPHUREUS’ guitarist, with whom I’ve been sharing stages and rehearsal room for many years, offering him the role of guitarist, with him and with "L" on the drums we entered in “Green Vomit Studio” in August 2015 to record our debut album: "Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth".

You and Mornak are the ex members of UNHOLY LAND and SOULPHUREUS which status is split up. Do you keep contact with the guys? Have you been thinking about another member for XPUS, or three of you is the right number for now?
We’re in contact with all members of both Bands, we’ve decided to terminate all type of relations only with “Lord Serber” the ex drummer of UNHOLY LAND.
No, we don't want to add a new member for now, I really love “the power trio formation”, if in the future we’ll need to have a second guitar, no problem, but for now we are like the demonic symbols in our Logo: 3.

How would you describe your local (black/metal) scene in Lombardy or, perhaps in Italy?
Here in Italy you can find many really good Black Metal bands like: Khephra, Dawn of a dark Age, Necroshine, Deathrow, Frostmoon Eclipse, Kurgaall, Adversam, and many, many others, but we’ve few places to play and a poor support by our people.

Lyrical themes are death, destruction, Satan, anti-Christianity on the album. Is that your way how do you need to express your inner thoughts and opinion through the music? Do you respect other religions?
No, I hate all the kind of religions, the human race is the true cancer of the world and religions are the "fuel" that feed this cancer, all types of religion have only one goal: subdue with the power of fear stupid populations. Damn, human story speaks for itself! XPUS is and will be forever a satanic Black/Death metal band against religions.

Bergamo occupies the site of the ancient town of Bergomum, founded as a settlement of the Celtic tribe of Cenomani. Do you find inspiration for your writing in the history or you take it from present times as well?
True, indeed. Bergamo has really got a remarkable history, we were a celtic settlement for a long time but unfortunately our culture was subdued by “those who come in peace in the name of Christ”. I search inspiration in every thing that is fascinating to me, “the past is root for the future”. Congrats for your culture man!

What does mean “Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth” in Latin? Do you use Latin words in the lyrics?
For now the idea is that of using latin just for the albums’ titles.2016 04 18 020600
“Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth” is one of the most important christian prayers, a chant in honor of Sabaoth; the most hilarious consideration is that he is “Lord of heavenly militia” but the Church, which found this inappropriate, thought it was better to shift to “god of the universe” so, to sum up, it is among the most important prayers for a believer and he doesn’t even know what it is all about…pathetic.

Who is the author of music and lyrics? Or is that a team work?
This record’s music and lyrics were all conceived by myself but the future works will include the Mornak’s ideas as well. That motherfucker has a lot to say and he knows how to do it.

Where was the album recorded and who was the producer? How do you work in studio?
The album was recorded at the “Green Vomit Studio”, a quite small one which absolutely rejects any advertising. The owner, “CHAOS” is a quite bizarre and misanthropic character. We recorded as it’s generally done: drums first, then bass, guitars and vocals, it was a really amazing experience.

The new album is very raw, energetic, delivering its demonical power and aggression. Was it your goal to achieve this sound and feelings?
Yes absolutely, since the beginning I had a clear idea of what would be the final result, the songs had to be dark, black, had to smell of death, fast and sharp moments opposed to slow and agonizing moments.
Even the sadness needed its own space, all with a raw recording, however without penalize any instrument: in almost 38 minutes of music you can always understand what drums, vocals, guitars and bass are doing, that's exactly what we wanted.

Who is the author of the cover artwork and the logo? (It looks really great.)
Again, I did this too. Glad you appreciate it! During the last days I just finished the covers for our second and third record.

Will you have your own homepage for the fans? I really miss it as Facebook is not enough to figure out basic information of XPUS and what is going on with the band.
I think that today Facebook, Encyclopaedia Metallum and Youtube do their job well and even better, if compared to a personal website. In addition, Metal Scrap Records gives us all the space we need:

Can you spend a few words about the near future? Tour, shows in Italy and abroad?
Much stuff, heavy stuff. On Jan. 15 we’re playing at the legendary DAEVACIAN in Bruino, near Turin (IT), a place devoted to REAL extreme metal; the next day we’re hading to a festival headlined by cult band NECROMASS. Further shows are to be confirmed and announced, in 2016 we’re gonna participate to two complilations…and we’re working on a tour, stay tuned!

Do you know the Spanish black metal band EDENKAISER? Lianne Krossburner is the singer.
Yeah, I do, good music, cold and raw Black Metal, Lianne is a great singer, reminds me of Anneliese Michel in one of her so-called possessions, listen to the original tapes, I have to admit that the gal gets me horny! Ahahahahah.

Well then. I´d like to thank you for your time and patience and I wish you and the rest of the band all the best in 2016. Keep well and stay metal.
It’s my honor to thank you for the time and space!
We’ll stay Metal until our last breath.
See you in Hell!


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