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necromance2016decInterview was prepared by David Déniz (Necromance)


Hello and welcome to Necromance Digital Magazine pages.
Could you present the band to the readers?

Hello and thank you for this interview, we’re very honored to be here!
We’re an Italian band, founded by three brothers (on keyboards, bass and drums) who shared a great passion for music. We started rehearsing together in 2011, sharing our different music backgrounds, then added a couple of friends in the following years, on guitars and vocals, and grow to be what you can hear now in our first full-length album.

How did you get to the band name QAANAAQ, and what does it mean to you?

Nicola, the drummer, came with that idea that everybody liked right away. Qaanaaq is a remote town in Greenland. It’s a palindrome, it evokes inspiring images of isolation, cold and hardship and it sounds cool too. The isolation and the harshness of that land inspired us for lyrics and themes.

Your first album has recently been released through Another Side Records, how was the entire composition process of it?

It came all naturally. It started with us jamming for hours in rehearsals, to find the best riffs. Then we added Enrico’s growl voice, and balanced it all to find what now is our sound. We are very satisfied to have found a clear identity, something we think is new and original, by mixing our different backgrounds together.

In "Escape from the black iced forest", your first album, we find elements of doom, avantgarde ... how would you define the sound of the band?

Our sound is warm, sinister and vaguely “horror”, if it’s possibile to use that term in music. It’s rough, but with melodic breaks. We think we have contrasting elements that create a balanced sound. We didn’t want to sound as cold and sharp as a black metal band, but more warm and sinister like a ‘70s band, like Black Sabbath for example.

Can you tell us about the musical influences that run throughout the band?

It is difficult to find only a few influences, everything that we like remains as an influence, even though you can’t hear it directly in our sound. There are bands that we all like, other that only a few of us listen to. For example we can name Opeth and Ghost as an influence, but there are many others. We listen metal music, and all its subgenres, but also rock, jazz, blues, electro and classical music… We think that everything that you’re exposed to, everything that you like, leaves something in you, help you think in a different way, in a better way we hope, and has a repercussion in all you create artistically. So there are lots of musical influences that we’re not even conscious of, and influences that comes from outside music too, from movies, books and different arts.

One of the most characteristic elements of your music is the keyboard, right?

Exactly! Luca studied classical music and he’s a crucial element in our composition process. As we said before, there are different influences that play a role: Luca studied classical music, but played with blues, jazz and rock bands. And this translated in Qaanaaq, you can hear a classic piano, but also a funky and jazzy hammond from the ‘70s or some pipe organ too! We like the keyboards to be so prevalent because it add a melody that balance Enrico’s harsh vocals.

Which were the most difficult tracks to record in the studio?

There wasn’t a precise track that was harder than the others. It was complicated to find the time to record it because we did it in our free time. We all have a full time job and kids to raise. So it took a while, for the mixing too. But here we are, we did it and we’re very happy about it!necromanceqanaq2016

And the whole album, what are the band's favorites?

We like to hear and to play all the songs of the album, and we think it’s natural since you spend a lot of time and energy on them. There’s a part of us in every second, in every riff of the album. Having said that, for Luca, Mattia and Nicola, the Togni brothers, “Red said it was green” is special since it’s the first song they composed. It changed a little since then, thanks to Dario and Enrico, but it’ll always be Qaanaaq’s first composition.

Your cover seems to have been extracted from the pages of a comic, who was the author of it ?, was it an idea that gave the band or has been all creation own the author?

The author is called Lorenzo Lanfranconi (Rendhi’s Art), he’s an artist we came to know thanks to Facebook. We liked his style, like from a comic book as you rightly say. We liked especially his landscapes. So when we started thinking about a cover we thought of him like a perfect match. We had this idea in mind, of this forest of black ice with somebody running away from it. We contacted Lorenzo and explained the concept. He worked on that idea and made a first sketch what we liked instantly, since he captured exactly the atmosphere that we had in mind!
For the booklet we contacted a friend of us, Giulio Anesa, who’s a graphic designer. He created every page by taking inspiration from the lyrics, and we think that also in this case the result is just brilliant.

What are the goals that the band hopes to achieve with this first album?

We hope to receive some exposure, to form a fan base that can be interested in our future releases. We also want to play some show in our area, and we started already with some support gigs.

QAANAAQ 53How did I get the chance to sign up for Another Side records?

After we recorded the album, we looked for a label and received a positive answer from Anatoliy from Metal Scrap Records. We signed a deal with him and we’re very happy for the support we received. We know that it’s not always easy to find trustworthy people and labels in music, so we’re glad to have met Anatoliy. Definitely hope to continue working with him and Metal Scrap/Another Side records!

What else can we expect to see from QAANAAQ, as we head towards 2017?

We will continue supporting the album by playing live, that’s the best way to spread the word and the music. We also like to meet other bands to share the stage with, always a pleasure to play with dedicated people who share the same passion for music. We also started jamming for new songs, and is refreshing to look ahead knowing that a milestone was reached like it was for us with our first full-length.

Anything you would like to add to end this interview?

Thank you so much for this interview, and thanks to everybody who wants to find new and original music by listening with a mind as open as possible!


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