LEAVE THE CIRCUS (for Terroraiser 60/2014)

terroraiser 4 2014Греческая группа LEAVE THE CIRCUS представляет в первую очередь интерес для тех, кто ищет новые звучания в металле. Лэйбл представляет стиль группы как Melodic Death/Alternative Metal, и очевидно, что любители модерн-металла смогут найти для себя в музыке греков нечто для себя. Здесь мы знакомим читателей с этой командой.

Interview was prepared by Thrasnmentor (для Terroraiser 60/2014)


You founded LEAVE THE CIRCUS at the end of 2013 and at once band recorded debut EP “Mindless Mass”. How you could do it so fast? Did you had already experience to play metal-music, isn’t? In what bands did you play before starting LEAVE THE CIRCUS?
Yes, that is surely one of our little hints there. All of us have great experience in the heavy metal scene, considering recording and also performing live on stage. So, we knew exactly what to do, and when was the time to do it. Without losing time then, we recorded the ep, signed with our label, and presented it live to the crowd.

To whom did you send your material, how was the response on it? How did you manage to get a deal with Another Side Records?
We sent our material to various labels, and the responses we got were generally good. The reason we sealed a deal with Metal Scrap Records & Another Side Records was because the people there seemed to really like our stuff and we had a very good prospect of promoting it together to many people out there.

How would you define LEAVE THE CIRCUS’s sound, what makes it different? What are your main musical influences?
The band’s sound varies within melodic, death and new alternative metal.
The combination of heavy guitar riffs and melodies, alongside with the aggressive and, in some parts, melodic clean vocals, make the music of Leave the Circus take a totally different music path.
Bands that have similar sounds as ours are Stone Sour, Hellyeah, Shadows Fall, In Flames, Trivium, Machine head and many others..LEAVE THE CIRCUS

In LEAVE THE CIRCUS’s stuff I found elements and old school music, and modern sound. Do you sympathize more with the old-school attitude or do you like the new style?
We like them both! All the members of LEAVE THE CIRCUS, have different “favorites” in metal music, and this is something great for us, Just because we can combine all these elements and make a very nice mixture out of it, that anyone worth listening.

You will in short time begin to receive reviews and diverse expressed response. What do you expect from the reviews?
We are very confident about our music. We have put so much effort in it, and we made it with much passion and love. So, i think all this comes out to the people who have already listened to our stuff, or, are about to listen to it, and they will certainly recognize all this, and love it. Of course there are

What can we expect from LEAVE THE CIRCUS in the near future? When there will be long-play album?
We have already presented live our ep album “Mindless Mass” in Athens, Greece, and we are considering to book some dates in other Greek cities in the near future.
After that, we will start working on new material, and setting up the full length album.
Stay tuned guys, in order not to lose nothing from us!


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