BLACK CULT (for Metal Centre)

“We might say that we are the most well-known black metal band in Croatia.(…) We brought the old spirit to the present times… (…) Satanism is our life philosophy… (…) it’s not always easy to stand behind an anti-christian band or philosophy… (…)” – BLACK CULT

Interview was prepared by Musashi (for Metal Centre)


Musashi: Your previous album was titled “Neo – Satanism”. What is a “neo – Satanism?” Is it a modern form of Satanic religion?
We’ve been inspired both musically and lyrically by the early 90-ies Scandinavian black metal scene. When we decided to record the album inspired by that period, we also choose the title that suited the philosophy of those bands and that later inspired us in many ways.
The title was a tribute to those times. We brought the old spirit to the present times once again, so Neo-Satanism was a perfect title to express what we stand for.

Musashi: The lyrics on your albums are clear. Do you worship the devil as a personal being? Do you belong to any church satanic? Do you believe in black magic?
You can say that, but still there are many metaphors as well. We believe in ourselves above anything else and Satanism is our life philosophy not a religion. We don’t belong to any group whatsoever. Magic is out there in many forms, you can again say that it could be best described as a metaphor but as A. Crowley used to say: “everything around us is magic and every single deed or action is a ritual”. In that perspective, one might say that magic is real, it depends on your perception of the world and things around you.

Musashi: Croatian extreme metal scene is not well known in Poland. Can you recommend any bands from your country?
Ashes you leave, Gorthaur’s Wrath, Castrum, Voloh, Czaar, Kryn, to mention only few.

Musashi: Have anti-christians in Croatia any problems? In Poland, After the 89th year, the Catholic Church has grown to strength. There is the Catholic Committee To Fight With Sects. Sometimes (but seldom) somebody (Christian visitor of show) lodges a complaint with court for offending religious feelings, after some metal-show. But mostly, this case ends in nothing. And as it is in Croatia?
Croatia is for the most part also a catholic, radical country, so it’s not always easy to stand behind an anti-christian band or philosophy. Our city “Rijeka” is not that radical, so we get by without problems. Except for a few threatening emails, but that was years ago. I think people are starting to wake up. Slowly but surely.

Musashi: You play technically difficult music. Was hard to complete the line-up with such good musicians?
Not at all, as we are veterans on the scene, so our close circle was always there around and we managed to form a steady line up pretty fast. It’s standing unchanged up to this day, with the exception of a lead guitarist who moved recently.

Pavel: The musicians of Black Cult also play in many other bands. I know only ASHES YOU LEAVE, whose album “The Inheritance of Sin and Shame” I reviewed in the pages of Born To Die magazine many years ago… How do you share the time and above all, the idea of ​​arrangement between so many bands?
Some bands are not active any more, some are on hold. In any case, all the members of Black Cult have other bands and projects at the moment. We manage it since it’s our passion and when there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Musashi: Do you play a lot of concerts? Did you play outside Croatia? How do the audience react to your music? Do you remember any particularly successful performances?
We play only select shows and prefer festivals. We play outside Croatia as well, we always have a very good response when we appear live. Our last show at Goteborg/Sweden was a blast. We know how to burn it down when it comes to a live show and people react to that.

Musashi: Do you think already about the next album? Do you have any musical ideas associated with it?
Not at the moment. We are still in the process of promoting “Cathedral of the Black Cult”.

Musashi: Are you satisfied with the cooperation with the current label? Does Another Side Records gives you adequate support?
We are very satisfied so far and hope to continue that cooperation for years to come.

Musashi: What is the position of the Black Cult on metal scene in Croatia and the region? Are you famous band? Judging by the quality of your music then it should be.
We might say that we are the most well-known black metal band in Croatia. But that is also due to our long history on the scene with other bands/projects from the past. Metal in Croatia is mostly underground in general, but we don’t mind it. We are satisfied with where we are at the present moment.

Musashi: Are you satisfied with the music video for The Witches Dance? At present would you create this video better?
The video was made by Igor Maister and Maisterwerk productions for the most part of it. We’d like to take this opportunity to mention and promote this guy who is the main video producer for metal bands in Croatia. We are more then satisfied, what might be added would be a few extra scenes, but we did the best with what we had and could at the moment. Keeping the new ideas for the next video which might come up soon.

Pavel: Many Poles go on vacation to Croatia. How they are perceived as tourists?
Croatia is a tourist country for the most, so I guess we perceive them as any other tourists that visit Croatia every year.

Pavel: Ok. Thank you for the interview! The last word always belongs to the team…
Thank you for your time and support! Keep the underground flames burning!


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