XPUS (for Rock Hard #38)

„OZAJSTNÉ black a death metalové skupiny sú pre nás veľmi dôležité a naša práca je našou osobnou poklonou skvelej extrémnej hudbe, na ktorej sme vyrastali.“ Toto sú slová, charakterizujúce mladú kapelu z lombardského Bergama, ktorá sa od roku 2015 snaží presadiť na black/death metalovom poli. Skupina X PUS sa postupne rozbieha a najnovšie informácie o nej predhodíme práve tu.

Interview was prepared by KREMATOR (для Rock Hard #38)


Hello again. Maybe you remember a year ago you answered questions of my colleague Erik. What’s new with you? Has anything changed about line up recently?
Hi Kremator, now we 've a new drummer named ULVIRØS, this big guy is a real Warmachine, he's the perfect drummer for us!

A year ago you mentioned you were looking forward to some significant shows and tour. How was it?
Not bad, not bad, we've played some good gigs, the most important show it was at: The rites of black mass in Bucharest with Enthroned, Bolzer, Infernal War and others. We had a chance for a Tour but my personal job prevented us to go. We hope in another chance.

You also mentioned that in 2016 you’d participate in two compilations, but I haven’t found them. Could you tell us more about that?
Yes of course, in April 2016 “Metal Music Austria” released the first compilation named “Blasphemy by thy name vol.3” with the great band Blaspherian (I love their music) and our Label “Metal Scrap Records” in June/July 2016 released the second compilation named “Witchery Flames Of Underground Lust". Take a look here:

By the end of 2015, soon after the band was formed, you released your debut album „Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth“. I assumed the second album would be out in a year, but apparently I was wrong (haha). What’s happening with the new album? What phase are you in? Whan can we expect from the second album?
Hahaha. You know, every line-up change take more more more time but the second album is finished, sure, we need to play the new material many times before to find the final version of every track but the first working phase is closed and in September we'll enter in studio for the recording of " In Umbra Mortis Sedent".
In the new album you'll find 100% Xpus music, stop, no style change in the future for us, perhaps little bit of atmosphere in the songs but nothing else.
Also, I've already wrote the first 3 songs of the third future chapter.

Looking at „Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth“ I assume you’re fans of ancient thread of black metal which was established by bands like BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT and ARCHGOAT, MORBOSIDAD later on. You added more death metal elements into the music. It sounds very oldschool and current at the same time. What do you think about it?
Yeah, the bands that you have mentioned are a great part of our music influences, these and all the other REAL Black and Death Metal bands are important for us and our work is a personal tribute to the great kinds of extreme music that we have grown up with. We play Old School Extreme Metal For Old School People.XPUS для Rock Hard 38

The debut album was released only on CD and in digital version. Aren’t you thinking about releasend your albums on vinyl too?
Damn I love the vinyl, some people wrote and ask me for the vinyl version of the album but this is a good question to ask to our Label. Anyway I hope for the next albums to have a chance for vinyl version!

One thing is the music you do and another thing is music that inspired you originally. What were your influences at the beginning and what influences you now? Why did you choose mixture of black and death metal? It’s not that typical for Italian scene. I’d say that classic death metal (and the technical one) prevails in Italy. 
As i said in my 5° answer: our work is a personal tribute to the great kinds of extreme music that we have grown up with. The REAL Black Metal and the REAL Death Metal they're just as important.
As you said, there are already enough Death and Technical Death Metal bands here in Italy, let this kind of music to they.

You were involved in other bands as well. Are you still active in these bands or is X PUS the only thing you focus on?
All our old projects are closed. Xpus is the only band that we have.

Now I’d like to get back to the previous IW we did with you. You mentined you hated all religions. Usually all the bands doing such music say they hate all kinds of religion but they write about Christianity only. I think that Islam is far more dangerous at the moment. It is far more radical, violent, it degrades women, it’s hard for European to understand concept of justice and punishments, but it looks the bands are afraid to pick on Allah. Isn’t it hypocritical in some way? The chances of some Christian blowing himself up at your show are pretty low. Or is it now about time to deal with Islam in music?
Good question and I can only speak for myself, I hate "the religion" because all these religions are only a means for subdue and scare the people. As you can see, Islam is only another victim of religion, die to obtain some vergins in Heaven? Ahahaha what's the level of intelligence of these people? For me Allah = shit ok? But I prefer make my personal war against things that 1: I know very well and 2: have always complicated my life, I was born in Bergamo (north Italy) and in my city nothing moves without the approval of the fucking Roman Curia. Sorry guys, but I'm a 40 year old man and the Church breaks my balls from 30 years old, I chose to fight my personal war and not the wars of other people. Lastly if these "people" do what they do...is only because our beloved governments let do it... Mooooney money money money... Fuck to Allah! Fuck to Governments but first of all FUCK TO CHRIST!

Thank you very much for your time. Is there anything you’d like to add (maybe I forgot to ask about something).
Thanks to you Kremator it's always a pleasure! I want add only this: SEE YOU IN HELL!


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