BLACK CULT (for Necromance Web Magazine #39, 2017)

Necromance Web Magazine 39 2017Интервью подготовил David Déniz Plaza (Necromance Web Magazine #39, 2017)

Welcome to Necromance Digital Magazine pages!! How did Black Cult originally form?
Hello to Necromance and all your readers. In 2013 Insanus approached me with a demo version of a first song with the idea to do the guest vocals. I agreed and upon hearing the rest of the material, I was so impressed that I've decided to record the whole album. Insanus agreed and the rest is history.

How would you sat the sound of “Cathedral of the black cult” has grown / changed since the reléase of your first album “Neo-Satanism”?
The first album was more in the vein of the early 90-ies Scandinavian black metal, while "Cathedral" sounds like modern, present day black metal should sound. I wouldn't say we've grown, but we rather decided to make both sounds purposely the way they came out to be. First we went back to past and then we returned to the present time. We are nevertheless proud and satisfied with both albums equally.

Has the way of composing songs between the band's work changed a lot?
It's been the same for the most: Insanus does all the music and production while I make lyrics and vocals. The exceptions are the additional lead guitars by Brentini Alen aka the Fallen on “Cathedral” and guest vocals on "Dark Matter" by Karlo of Kryn.

What bands have really influenced you since you first started out, and why?
Mostly, the early 90-ies Scandinavian scene. They had that darkest and rawest sound at that time and yet evolved into more melodic tunes later on, at least some of them. We grew to love both directions and this sound inspired as a lot in many ways.

How would you describe your sound to someone new to Black Cult?
Black metal for the new aeon.

BLACK CULT for Necromance Web Magazine 39 2017

What’s the history behind the cover artwork? Who made it?
Insanus did the cover artwork. It represents what we stand for, the Black Cathedral to say it shortly. You can judge this book by the cover, I guess.

And what about the recording process for the album?
Insanus writes all the songs and once they are ready I nail the vocals in his studio "Dungeon".
The process is always the same and works perfectly for us.

How did you end up working with Another side records and how would you say they helped to the band until now?
We approached them via e-mail and they did all the rest. We are very satisfied. They are a professional label and did a great job for us concerning both promotion and distribution of both the album and the band.

How do you feel about the reception of the album?
It's been very satisfying so far, great reviews and a lot of positive publicity for us.

Has this given you anything to think about when writing the next album?
Well not that much. We feel proud and I could say that we are even more motivated to work on new songs, but other than that, we don't need much approval from others (and never did) to continue with what we do.
It's always good to read inspiring reviews but it's not something that we need to be driven or inspired by.

Anything you would like to add to finish the interview? Any message to Spanish readers?
Thank you for this interview and your time. Keep the flames of the underground burning and hope to see you in Spain one day.


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