WINGS IN MOTION (for Atmosfear #14)

Atmosfear 14Interview was prepared by MASHA THRASH (Atmosfear #14)


Recently you have released your debut album “Cyclicity”. It’s a first full-length work for a 6 years of your existence. What does this release mean to you and what was the reason of delaying with release?
Six years ago we were a completely different band. As a newly formed group we had to work on our sound, something that happened through demo and promo recordings. We also worked to build up a name on our hometown, Athens, through many live shows. When we felt that the band was mature enough to proceed with a debut album release we began working on it. “Cyclicity” means a lot to us for many reasons. It is the product of hard work and devotion, it is the first solid musical statement of the group. For a band, releasing a debut album surely means a variety of things, since it kind “puts you in the map” of music industry being the step to move on with bigger shows and tours outside your country.

What influenced to you, when you were forming the style of band?
Many bands, the ones that combined the melody with heavy riffing most of all. To name but a few, Machine Head, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, and heavier bands like Lamb of God, or even more progressive ones like Nevermore, Dream Theater etc.

Who is the absolute for you in the metal world?
Who could name only one? Anyway, the last few years I am stunned by the amazing consecutive albums of Mastodon. I believe they are almost inhuman when it comes to their compositional skills.

”Cyclicity” has a certain order of tracks. Did you do it specially and do you think, that order of tracks is the important thing?
We tried to keep the interest of the listener all along the playlist. The first songs do have a more technical twist, the next two songs are the most epic ones, “Through the Shadows” and “Of my Demons”, the first one being are first music video. Moving on we have an all-time favourite, “In Absentia of Tomorrow”, the faster and more aggressive song of the whole album. Right after follows the melodic “One Moment to Lose it all” to conclude with “Distances”, the very first track of Wings In Motion to ever feature female vocals.

In some songs we can hear female vocals. Tell me a little about this lady.
The female vocals in “Distances” are performed by Vicky Psarakis, the frontwoman of the Agonist. She is a very talented singer and that is why we wanted her to perform in our record. We did had the pleasure and the honour to know her in person so it was not difficult to make it happen. “Distances” is by all means one of the most special songs in “Cyclicity” and that is why we wanted it to be the one concluding the album.

You shot a video on “Our Bleeding”. Are you satisfied of result and do you think, that metal bands should to shoot more videos?
Yes, we are satisfied of the final result. And for that we have to thank the director of it, Athina Tousia. Nowadays most metal bands tend to release videos of their music. Either it is about promoting an upcoming album, or simply a single release, bands do release a music video at least once a year. It is kind-of obligatory since the visual side of art tends to play a huge role in today’s industry.WIM2

How often do you play and don’t you have a plan to visit Ukraine?
We play about 2 or 3 shows a year in Greece. For example recently we supported Dark Tranquility for their shows in Athens and Salonika. We haven’t toured outside our country so far but we do have plans for it and we are looking forward to. Ukraine is one of our plans, but until now we have no official announcement to make.

What fans of WINGS IN MOTION should expect from you in the future?
We will soon begin working on our next album. We will release some live footage and a lyric video in the next weeks so you can stay tuned in our YouTube Channel to be among the first to know of the new updates. See you on stage!


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