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Atmosfear 19 (Atmosfear #19)

We are greeting Black Cult group, without doubt one of the most gloomy musical one from Croatia. Please, introduce yourselves, relate some facts about your early stage in music. What roots were you prompted to choose such extravagant musical style?
Greetings Atmosfear and all your readers. I'm Morbid, singer of Black Cult. We played black metal music since we were maybe fifteen, or even earlier. I personally grew up on heavy/hard rock in my prime school. When I was 9 or 10 years old, I already got some early Iron maiden and W.A.S.P. albums. That's where it all started but I was always drawn to darker musical styles. When the early 90ies Scandinavian black metal scene emerged, we were hooked totally. Since then we are fans and create similar music ourselves.

Why were you attracted in such unusual music based on the trend «the gloomy aesthetics»? What is the Satanism theme for you?
I've always been attracted, as I said already earlier, not only to dark, horror music, but also movies, comics and literature. So it just all came together with black metal perfectly. Soundtrack for my life. I was raised as catholic Christian, but already in my early age I rebeled against the church. I've just seen through them, their lies and funny fantasy tales, but there was this character that they all feared and hated. It was Lucifer, and as in most stories, villains are the most interesting characters, as well as the best looking ones. There I took inspiration - in that character, on many levels and it keeps inspiring me up to this day. There is nothing wrong in seeking knowledge and being your own god, while the only thing the church wants is to manipulate your minds and take your earthly goods in the name of a non-existing deity and completely distorted interpretations of spiritual realms.

Do you have a cover song to « Kingdom of the Worm»? Solo single by Motorhead band? Why did you choose this cover song? Do you have any other ones?
Yes, we choose this song as it fitted to our style both musically and lyrically. The interesting thing about that cover is that just a few days after we recorded it Lemmy died, so some people thought when we put out the song that we made it as a tribute to his death. We actually recorded it earlier and did so as a tribute to the whole band. We covered Burzum's "Jesu dod" on our first album "Neo-Satanism". We like doing covers, especially for our live shows. We covered many bands so far: Ulver, Satyricon, Dissection, Mayhem just to mention few.

What way do the black metal style develop in Croatia? What musical genres are the most popular in your country?
One of the first black metal bands in Croatia was Castrum. It was the original band of our drummer, producer and songwriter Insanus. They had big success at that time in Europe as well. Later, there were more various bands and projects but only a few survived to this date. Insanus and myself had also another black metal band in the early years that later managed to conquer Europe as well. It’s called Gorthaur's Wrath. Nowadays, there are a few left beside us, but every now and then some new shadow emerges. Frozen forest, Voloh, Their, Dark Omen, Zvijer... just to mention a few. In our country the most popular genres are pop and folk mostly, music for the masses. Nevertheless, we have a huge number of metal fans that keeps on growing, so we hope to take over one day.

What are the features of Croatia audience from others? What countries did yore visit? Do you have a joint concert with any musical group?
Croatian audience can be very extreme and go crazy, which is great, unlike most European crowds unfortunately, who in my opinion are spoiled. They have big bands playing in their towns every few days and they have seen it all already, or at least so they think. That's why it's not easy to get support when you are a smaller band. Also, if lots of people show up, it can then be hard to animate them. Last weekend we played in Sweden and it was an amazing show - the Goteborg crowd went berserk. I think that we, as an eastern European band, have that so-called special energy or magic and it gets to people. So far, we played mostly in Croatia, Slovenia and Sweden with Black cult. There are plans for other European and eastern countries as well. On March 11th we'll play for the first time in Bosnia at "Balkan metal meeting fest", so we are very excited about that. We did a few joint shows with our home town bands Voloh and Czaar.

What musical style had a great impact on your world outlook? Do you have the influential figures in the history of music?
In my early age it was rock and heavy music, then I went to more extreme genres. These days I listen to almost everything if I like it and if it gets to me. If I had to choose, then Black metal definitely had the biggest influence. When I was a kid, I was fascinated with Blackie from W.A.S.P., people who created the 90ies Scandinavian black metal scene. Jon Nodtveidt, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Nergal, Danzig, Hank III and Lana del Rey would by my heroes.

Did you face with negative situation to your creation and your attitude to it? What roots are you inspired to find new ways in your creation?
Not that much anymore. Back in the day, we had some fights with local football hooligans or skinheads, received some threatening emails from Christian youth leaders and such, but those days are gone.
Just life itself, and I think a lot about death as well, mostly books and movies but I have a huge imagination too.

Relate about your albums «Neo Satanism» and «Cathedral of the Black Cult» what are the united and distinctive features?
Neo-satanism was our first album that created a path to follow. It was true black metal, more in the vein of the early years, but it still had various influences. Cathedral brought Cult to a new level both musically and when it comes to production. We put a lot of effort to create a modern black metal album, especially when it comes to sound. We also tried to keep the "best of" elements of black metal that influenced us while adding elements we think would serve a greater purpose. We succeeded in creating a masterpiece for the new aeon. I can say it with pride and the worldwide reviews speak for themselves.

What are your hobbies apart from the musical sphere?
Various: gym, martial arts, hiking, spending time with our dogs, cats, and various other animals that some of us live with, Dungeons and Dragons (yes still a geek and proud), reading and watching movies, tv shows. You gotta be updated with a good new horror out there.

What is about your plan? What performances are is very hear future? Whould you lice to visit Ukraine?
Plan for this year is to promote "Cathedral of the Black cult" as much as possible. So far we had some shows and have other shows already confirmed, but are always looking forward to a new booking. Ukraine for sure, our label is from Ukraine and they did a great job. I think a lot of people there already heard of us, so I think it's about time for a materialization.

Finally, Your wishes to our readers.
Thank you for reading this interview and keep the flames of the Underground burning!


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