QAANAAQ (for Atmosfear #20)

Atmosfear 20 (Atmosfear #20)

Welcome to the ATMOSFEAR pages! The main question I'd like to ask you is about your band's name, what does it mean and how would you come to it?
Hi and thanks for this interview! The band’s name derive from a town in Greenland, that was once called Thule, one of the northernmost inhabited towns in the world. Nicola, the drummer, read about it and thought it sounded cool and it was also graphically pleasing because it is a palindrome. We were actually influenced by that cold, extreme and deserted place in our music and lyrics.

There's not many information about your band in the internet, so, please, could you introduce shortly QAANAAQ? Are Mattia, Luca and Nicola brothers?
Yes, Luca, Mattia and Nicola are brothers, and we haven’t actually played together before Qaanaaq. In 2011, after a few jams, we decided to form the band (as the core elements) since the material of those jams was really interesting. We looked for a guitarist to give the songs more grit and depth and found Dario, who helped us to refine the instrumental songs. Finding a singer was harder, but we finally found Enrico that with his powerful growl voice brought an injection of roughness to the songs, in contrast with the melody of the music.

Since your debut album's released one year has passed. What reviews and opinion have you got about the album? What's the fans' reaction? What was the most untypical thing you've heard about your album?
We’ve had great reviews and a good reaction from people interested and intrigued by our music. We’re very happy and proud about that, since our goal was to be original and unique, by trying to find our way and our sound (for example, no solos for a more cohesive result) without almost any compromise. We’ve had a steady increase in interest since we almost never played live before publishing the album. So for this first time only, we haven’t disappointed anybody, hehe. We’ll do it with the second release! About the untypical things… Maybe the reviewer that wrote that we’ve probably used a €49.99 keyboard to record the album! We guessed he didn’t like the sound very much...

You're making very non standard music. How would you call your style?
Since we’re not taking ourselves seriously, we define our style as part of a New Wave Of Regressive Speed Doom Metal (N.W.O.R.S.D.M.)! It is actually hard to define our sound. Our label asked us to find something, so we came up with a sort of compromise: Avantgarde/Progressive/Doom. There is something more for sure and it looks like that everyone finds something different in our music: some said we sound as a death metal band, some said dark or gothic. For us, we’re Qaanaaq, and that’s it!

You've chose ukrainian label "Another Side Records" for releasing your debut album. What can you say about this label's work?
We’re very pleased by what our label did. Everything that was proposed by them was then made with a serious and committed action. They were very sincere and professional, we don’t think that’s that common nowadays. We’ve had reviews from almost everywhere in the world.

You've recorded cover version of PINK FLOYD song for this album. How strong was the influence of this band, what another bands could you call as influence to your world outlook?
We’ve not chosen Pink Floyd because they’ve directed influenced us, but because we thought that we could take that song and do a Qaanaaq-treatment to it! We all like progressive rock, so we have an influence from prog bands for sure. We think that it is possible to find an influence from bands that are directly related to our music, like Opeth for example, but also Ghost, a band that’s not probably the first that come to mind while listening to Qaanaaq.

New stuff. How the things are going with the new songs? Is anything ready? Are there any plans about release of something new?
There’s not much new stuff for now, we all have personal commitments, we all have a family and a full time job, so sometimes it’s hard to find the time for the band. We don’t have anything planned so we don’t have any idea about a future release. We don’t plan our compositions, we look for the right inspiration and that’s not something you can organize. We just follow the flow!

How it goes with QAANAAQ's live shows?
We don’t have a dense live schedule, but every time we played live we were satisfied by both our experience and the audience reaction. It was always very fun! And we play music for fun, that’s our first priority. We like to meet the other bands we share the stage with, meet the audience and listen to their reaction to our music. Sadly, the underground live scene in Italy it’s not really great and it is too hard for us to cross the border and play in a foreign country. Too bad, because we are more appreciated outside of Italy than in our country!

Let's say goodbye. Your final words for our readers.
Thank you so much for this interview. If you want to follow us you can find us on Facebook at qaanaaqmetalband. We’d like to say hi to all the readers, we hope you’ll become a Qaanaaq fan, if you’re not already, hehe!!


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