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Tell us the history of the band.
Hello! The history of the band began in 1999 in the city of Poltava (Ukraine). It included three members: Alexander Chumak (R.I.P.), Vyacheslav Vyrvihvost (R.I.P.), Alexander (ADAMS) Savinykh. As well as now, that time the band was also gathered on my initiative. The guys showed great enthusiasm in supporting my ideas – both musical and conceptual. Unfortunately, at the time we got together it was already difficult to organize a gig in the city. That’s why we performed live only a few times. The band participated in the nationwide festival Chervona Ruta once. This fest presents music of all kinds and styles (at least it was such at that time, not sure what it’s like now), from pop to metal… What can I say, well, our participation in this event was utterly ridiculous and funny..))) Two years later, all Poltava metal community was struck by the death of the best metal drummer in Poltava, Alexander Chumak (1980-2001)… He played in such Poltava bands as Lunar Onlooker, Killofucka, Kollaps, No Where, Zoofagus. This was such a devastating blow that many metal musicians, who also used to play with him, lost their inspiration for many and many years. 2001 was a turning point, crappy millennium! This was a time when a new generation started to emerge in place of ours. Then many of us retreated into our shells watching from the sidelines as new movements, groups and music gradually appeared. Actually it can be said that the Fausttophel project was “buried” in about 2003-2004. Some years after, in Russia, I together with Valentin (MAU) Samokhin (keyboards and vocals) decided to “exhume” the project. As a result, in 2013 we recorded the Thirst of Oblivion album.

Where did the name Fausttophel come from?
The name arose spontaneously. Our vision of the band’s name is rooted in Goethe’s Faust. Where a doctor, a scientist, a philosopher was betted on by God and the devil. And in 1949, John Myers Myers wrote a fantasy novel Silverlock in which we came across the name of a character who represented Mephistopheles but was named Fausstophel. Such wording of the name for a band, in our opinion (both in the past and in the present), precisely reflected the concept of our work. The Equilibrium. The Light and the Darkness in one well of knowledge from which everyone will draw what he or she needs. And of course, not for free…)

Where is your home base?
Our group is based in Russia, in the city of Obninsk. Concert activity in our style is not very ideal, as the demand for it has greatly decreased. In Russia, a lot of groups performing in the style of Black Death metal, but not many of them are willing to invest in their work money. I will not recommend anyone, because I can accidentally forget about someone. I will say one thing: there are many worthy groups, and I wish them strength and good luck in this matter!

What inspired your sound?
From the very beginning, the Fausttophel’s music has been inspired by ‘90s metal bands which are to this or that extent cult or iconic. That is why we do not seek to reproduce modern metal sound. But it is definite that we are not limited by any stylistic bounds, the main thing for our sound is to be heavy, beautiful and, wherever possible, without banality and with high quality. Few formulating their views on our style, we can say: Fausstophel it's Eclectic-Melodic-Black Death metal.

What have you released so far? And when can we expect more?
At the moment, released two albums: "Thirst For oblivion" 2013, " Sancta Simplicitas " 2016. Now the work on the third album is in full swing. In the sense of the concept everything is planned even more sadly than in the previous works. But we guarantee gravity, speed and gloom! )))

Any touring plans?
So far, there are no global plans. This year we are going to visit Romania, not unconventional «Rites of the Black Mass» fest. Then we proceed to the recording.


Where can we listen to and purchase your music?
Our music is easiest to hear in the social network. Like all the rest of the music of the world as a whole ...))) You-tube provides everything today ... For purchasing SD and Merch you can write to us on Facebook or email.

What do you want people to remember after listening to your music?
For me, as an ideologist of the concept of the group, it is important that the listener firstly grasps the idea, the thought. They are in the complex with the music draw a full picture. In the world it is considered to be, if the style of music is Black, then people are uniquely Satanists. No. This is a stereotype that we are trying to destroy with our vision and ideology. Our concept is anti-religious, yes. And the style chosen by us perfectly accompanies her. Therefore it would be desirable that the listener, visiting the world Fausttophel understood that all described stories are tightly connected with the real world.


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