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Can you describe the important steps for you band history until the founding of the band“Circle Story”and what does it means for your and the members?
Igor Arbuzov: It all started when me and Anton were living in Omsk, Siberia. We played in a band called REVERSE ANGEL. It was a very fun period. We had no limits in writing music. Our style was very diverse. We could play anything from Hard Rock and Traditional Heavy to Thrash and even Prog Metal. We couldn’t stick to just one genre. Afterwards Anton was invited to play in a band called СЛЁЗЫ (TEARS) and moved to St. Petersburg. They made some touring and recorded a pretty cool album. I moved to St. Pete as well and eventually joined GRENOUER, once legends of Russian Death Metal. But when I joined, their music was quite different... more like Industrial Metal with Alternative Rock influence. We recorded a couple of albums, but only one of them was released. Same with music videos etc. Finally both bands have exhausted themselves and we decided to reunite with Anton and write something REALLY cool! We started doing some writing in 2013, then continued in 2014 and recorded some demos. Next year we started recording our debut album and that’s when Dee Pronin (ex-REDS’COOL, ex-GAINA) joined on bass and Antonio Aronne from Italian band FIGURE OF SIX agreed to record the drums. Now you know how it all started!

What does it mean for a band from Russia to write their lyrics in the English language?
Igor Arbuzov: It means that every second person is gonna ask you why aren’t you singing in Russian. Seriously. Most of music fans here really hate English lyrics when it comes to local bands. But they embrace German or Swedish bands singing in English instead of their mother tongue. Some obvious double standards here. But we don’t care. We have a strong confidence here and know how our music should sound. And the other thing is that we don’t want to grow our fanbase only in Russia. I think that it would be stupid for us to ignore the music fans from other parts of the world and focus only on russian-speaking audience.

Can you describe in your own words your style of Alternative Death Metal once more. Tell me about main influences and what are the most important influences from your previous musical past, in your experience?
Anton Golovatov: Death Metal?! Are you sure? We still keep getting the reviews for “Uncovered Fears” from around the world. And the majority of critics tag us with an “Alternative Rock / Progressive Metal” label. So I’d stick with that. But actually we’re not too concerned about the genre. I think that people now are way more open-minded than it was even 10 years ago. So they don’t stick just to one genre either. And that’s a good thing.

How do you see the current musical development in Russia? From my point of view, Russia has had always its own kind of music (Кино, Аквариум, ДДТ). Furthermore, I think that Russia is a country of clear musical styles - a band like Ария are playing classical Heavy Metal (Priest and Maiden) and bands like Сварга or Аркона are playing Folk-Metal. Where is your position in the Russian market? Is this market important for you or not?
Dmitry Pronin: Indeed, it happened that in Russia has everything of its own... its own music, its cinema, its own literature, and so on. And personally I think, and I think the guys will support me, this is a huge minus. I will try to explain - for example: all over the world, rock music tends to be global and to be spread on all continents. In Russia, there is the Russian-rock genre. In the whole world, representatives of the rock genre are well known, but no one knows Russian-rock bands (maybe 0.005% of the population of the whole world still know). One gets the impression that music from Russian Federation is not competitively capable in the global music industry. That is why in the Russia these genres were invented, which no one in the whole world knows. Moreover, I will tell you, we have our own king-pop music in Russia, and this is not Michael Jackson. What about French rock? or Belgian? And maybe the Czech-porn-blues-grind-core? Frankly speaking, the discussion on the topic of Russian music, mainstream music, it causes irritation and nervous trembling... However, I can safely say that we are the band that deserves to be and is able to compete in the world music arena. Doubt? Listen to our damn album! As for the relationship of Circle Story to the Russian music market. Of course, it is important. It matters as much as the European music market, the American one, the Japanese one, and the Australian one ... and perhaps the Bangladeshi one.
Igor Arbuzov: It’s great that you’ve mentioned Arkona that’s getting a great reception worldwide. I’m really happy for them and wish them well. Aria is getting some deserved recognition around the world too. But their heyday is far behind. A lot of good things are happening on Russian underground scene these days. The overall level of musicianship has grown up and there are a lot of young world-class bands that are completely unknown. That’s a shame. Hey, labels and promoters, take a closer look!

How does the musical development process in the band work? Is it important for you to live in St. Petersburg, or could the music have evolved in other parts of Russia or the world?
Dmitry Pronin: The process of creating music in CS is quite traditional, but with the opportunities of the 21st century: first, ideas, sketches, drafts, discussions ... later it all gets finished form. And this process does not depend on the distance between us, which one of us is located.
Igor Arbuzov: Yes, it’s always great to be in the same rehearsal room and create something together. And I’m sure we will come to that in future. But the tracks for the first album were created in a different way. We all had our demos, bits and pieces prepared. Then we would gather in the studio and compile them, making song structures. Then the demoing process starts when we write our lyrics, melodies and solos. It's a long but interesting way.

Which content, which message do you want to transport as a band?
Igor Arbuzov: That’s a tough question. We did not have a plan to record a conceptual album, so each song has its own message, I think. And every person has a right to interpret it in his own way as well. So I wouldn’t say that we’ve got some kind of specific message. But who knows what happens next, right?2018 12 30 220620

The songs "Disintegrated", "Forgotten Sunrise" or "Forever in my Heart" are for me the strong songs of the album. The songs seem to be very personal. Can you agree and what are the important songs of the album for you?
Igor Arbuzov: Thanks for highlighting those tracks. I’d personally pick the same ones. But in fact I’d call only one of them “personal”. The last one, “Forever in my Heart”. It’s dedicated to our dear friend Maria, who passed away way too early. Actually I wrote the song the day she died and it describes everything that I felt and still feel about this irreparable loss. So yes, this one is really personal.

Styles for Alice in Chains or Alter Bridge (information from the label) are also most likely to be found in these songs. What´s your opinion?
Anton Golovatov: The bands you mentioned have obviously had a big impact on us. And the interesting thing is that it’s hard to tag them with just one genre too. For example, Alice In Chains can play anywhere… At the metal fest, at the alternative fest, at mainstream fest. And the crowd will always enjoy. So the goal for us is to fill the similar shoes and to be able to reach different kinds of audience, the metalheads, the progheads, the fans of alternative thing and the girls, of course! (laughs)

How does the collaboration with your label work? How did the collaboration develop?
Igor Arbuzov: Another Side Records has a great worldwide distribution and the fact that we’re talking right now means that they’re doing something right regarding promotion! So yes, it’s all positive right now. They loved our tracks from the first listen. And you can’t sell music you don’t like or believe in, right?

Thanks for the time and the answers ... greetings to Russia.
Igor Arbuzov: Thanks for having us here! All the best wishes to Legacy Magazine!


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