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1. Who started the band and what was the idea?
The band was founded around 2006 by Efis Canu (Vocals) and Marco «Cucci» Bernardon (Bass). In the early days the sound was influenced by bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and other melodic-death metal bands mixed to something related to the american Hardcore scene. Those influences are still present today, even if we play more in a modern way

2. Who chose the name and what is the meaning to it?
The name belongs from latin “In Dies Irae” that means “In the days of wrath” but it was too long so it became “In Ira” that is “In wrath” and then it was united in one single name “Inira”. Everyone liked the sound of that word, so it became the official name from an idea of the singer Efis.

3. How the line up changes has affected the writing process and creation?
Every line-up change brought something different to the band in terms of songwriting. What the members are listening to in a certain moment is a clear influence in the making of new music. The band started with Melodic Death Metal, then added Hardcore and Post-Hardcore things and with the last album mixed a lot of the past influences with fresh sounds and a modern production.

4. When looking back what has changed in the making of an album?
The previous albums were recorded in their entirety in other studios with different mixing and recording engineers. This album, except for the drums recorded by Riccardo Pasini (Extrema, The Secret, Slowmotion Apocalypse, Blindead, Nero di Marte) at Studio 73, Ravenna-Italy, is the first recorded by the singer Efis Canu at his InferiStudio. Efis did also all the Mix. We are happy about the final result and also a lot of people is writing us mentioning the good studio work

5. What made you change label?
Our first Full-Length “Revolution Has Begun” was released worldwide in 2010 by the American label Arctic Music Group. After a couple of years after that album we decided that was better to continue as an independent band. So in 2013 we released “Antartide” a self-produced EP and we remained an unsigned band until 2018.2019 03 01 214819

6. Italy has a lot of Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal bands, what led you to write this modern music?
Yes, Italy is well known for Heavy/Thrash acts and also our main influences are close to that style. We grew up with bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Sepultura and a lot of what we are playing today is due to those heroes that inspired a lot of Italian bands. We simply wanted to play another style of music, even there are still some old school influences in it.

7. Are you all involved in other bands?
At the moment we are not involved full time in another bands, but we used to in the past. By the way in 2018 our drummer Gabriele Boz played as a session member with the folk-power metal band Elvenking in a couple of gigs in Italy, Israel, Romania and a Spain tour They, besides being good friends, are one of the biggest Italian bands around.

2019 03 01 2149148. Have you written all the songs for the album or you had old ones you reworked?
All the songs were freshly written for the album except for Venezia that was previously included in “Antartide” EP. The song was re-arranged and some parts were changed, including the chorus. We wanted an explosion in the album, so we did a heavier version of this tune

9. Is it easy to find live dates in Italy or you are forced to play abroad?
It’s not easy to find gigs especially in our area, because a lot of clubs closed. 10 years ago was much easier to play: here in Friuli Venezia Giulia there was a good metal scene, so the bands used to play lot. When they call us we prefer to play in Austria, there is a good underground Metal scene there.

10. Do you play live shows with friends? Do you have plenty of bands in the same music style to play with?
Yes, sometimes we play live with friends, even if they’re not in the same style of us. We must move a bit to find bands that play a similar music genre, but it’s also great to share the stage and see how different types of fans reacts to your show

11. Is there a Metal scene? tell us a bit how it is in Italy… 2019 03 01 214951
The situation is strange here, there’s not a real metal scene. But sometimes there’s a union around Milan and Venice. In Venice there is a great Hardcore scene full of bands, festivals and people that came across Italy to live this thing. As said before, in our region we have no longer a real Metal scene. It’s a bit sad.

12. How did you get approached by Another Side Records / Metal Scrap Records Inc.?
And why have you got two labels now? When we had the album ready we sent it all over the world to find someone interested in our work. Metal Scrap Records answered that was on of the labels interested in us and after a couple of band meetings we decided to sign the contract. Another Side Records is a new division of the historic Metal Scrap Records founded in 1993.

13. Do you have a studio where you can play any times?
Yes, we have both a home recording studio to record and write songs and a private rehearsal room where we prepare the shows. It’s great to play and record in this way, because we can do what we want.

2019 03 01 21510114. Have you been to Sweden? How did you get this awesome mastering?
Unfortunately we’ve never been to Sweden for the master. We simply wrote a message to the great Henrik Udd, awesome producer that worked with Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Powerwolf, At The Gates and others. He listened our album and did a couple of Master samples and sent it back to us. Henrik is a very nice dude, because one of the first things that he said to us was the fact that if he didn’t want money until we weren’t 100% satisfied from his work. And he did a great job!

15. Let ’s talk about the logo, there isn’t really one on the name, but there is this kind of V one. Who did it and have you had input in it, can you explain the whole process?
Back in 2006 a good friend of us draw the first concept of Inira logo and then a graphic designer put the idea of a stylized eagle. That eagle became part of all we did even if we restyled a bit the logo with “Gray Painted Garden”. There’s not a real meaning based on this symbol, it just became part of of us.

16. You have lots of samples giving atmosphere, are they done in the studio or you really have made them and play them live?
All the samples are done in the studio with synths and real effected guitars, but in live shows we have a Pc running those samples. We don’t have a keyboard player, and we don’t want one, so it’s the easier thing to do. The samples give a lot of atmosphere and are a great part of the show, and the fans like a lot to hear a similar atmosphere as we did on the record. We are really happy to use them live!2019 03 01 215200

17. Can you tell about the cover?
The album cover is the summon of the atmospheres included in the album. Amanda Vallar draw it into reality. You can find a dark side on it but even a positive message if you can really dive into the songs.

18. It is obviously a lot of anger described in this album, have you written from experience or you took a bit of real event in the news?
Part of the lyrics are personal experiences based on true things, other are inspired by what we see everyday with our eyes. And not directly on the news, but on the people that surround us because there are a lot of problems even in small towns like ours. Some lyrics are focused on personal deep thoughts and we wanted to involve the listener. Some days ago a Russian fan wrote us that the lyrics of the last song of the album “Home” touched his heart. This means a lot for us!


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