INIRA (for LEGACY #121)

 (LEGACY #121)

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You first release was in 2010 – why did it take so long to create the next full-length?
Our first full-length “Revolution Has Begun” was released in 2010 and after that the band changed line up several times. By the way in 2013 we released “Antartide” a self-produced EP that helped us to play around in North of Italy and Austria. After that the line up changed again, so we focused on writing new songs to include in the new album. So this is the main reason. For a band is important to create a solid working team on stage and off stage, and this takes time. We had to wait some years, but we did the best choice!

Referring to the song titles, the whole album seems to be a journey in a way. It opens with “Gray Painted Garden” and closes with “Home”. In between there are many different steps and stopovers. Can you tell a bit about the story behind it?
You said it right, it’s like a journey. All the songs are linked to create a big flow of music even if it’s not a classic concept album based on the lyrics. The themes are various: we speak about personal experiences and also about things that touched us from outside. You can find a lot of feelings there, from anger, social riot, mental illness, euthanasia, environment themes and other reflection about actuality. Also some dissonances in arrangements of the songs let you feel better the relationship between words and music.

In an interview with the French Metal Mag you said, there’s also a positive message within the album which is noticed as you dive deeper into the songs. Where would you personally see this positivity?
Everyone can feel different sensations in our songs. Of course, there’s a lot of pain and anger as we said before, but there’s also a positive message. The red flowers painted on the cover artwork represent this message. The first single “This Is War” speaks about the story of a child that saw a soldier killing his parents. When he became an adult saw this old man again and in the end saved him from death. “The Path” is dedicated to the people who taught us the life: this is the most intimate and positive moment of the album.

What is your biggest wish as a band?
Our biggest wish is to reach a lot of people with our music and inspire those who need help to fight hard times. We also wish to do a European tour, it would be a great experience to grow up as a band.

How did you experience the long live-odyssey on several stages all around Europe?
Every show is motivating because we meet new people playing the music we love. Sometimes it’s hard to drive back home for hundreds of kilometers, but we always try to see it in a positive way: on the road we laugh a lot to fight the journey fatigue!

On April 12th you’ve signed a contract with Sounds Rock Agency – what has changed so far concerning your tour life?
Yes, we just signed with Soundsrock Agency for booking and management and now we are working on the shows for the rest of the year. We just announced our opening act for Soilwork in Milan and we can’t wait to play with such a legendary name in the melo-death scene!
This is an obvious sentence but we can say that the best is yet to come!DSC 1683

The album was entirely recorded in your singer’s home studio – tell me about the procedure and what difficulties you’ve had during that.
You said it right. Except for drums, we decided to record and mix all the album in our singer’s home studio. We started the pre-production with a different tuning compared to the final one, so we did a lot of experiments on harmonies and arrangements.
We spent a lot of hours on creating good sounds and we decided to keep all the guitars and bass takes real without editing.
The mix was the most challenging part: we took all the time we needed to reach the ideal sound we had in our heads. After months of work on details we sent all the material in Sweden to the great Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, At The Gates and more) who did an outstanding job in the master. In the end we are satisfied and proud of our creation!

What was the funniest moment while recording?
We are good friends, so during every recording session we tried to be all together in the studio just to support each other drinking beers and also doing barbecues. When someone did a mistake or played a wrong note we shouted and laughed all together just to break the tension and enjoy some funny moments. This is the best thing for us. Playing music is fun and playing it with your dear friends is the funniest thing ever!


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