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Thank you very much for this interview, please tell us when all began...

Hello! The group was created 20 years ago, in Ukraine, in Poltava city. Having existed for a year and a half, activity was stopped. Honestly, I'm tired of repeating the reason from interview to interview))) I'm sorry. If anyone is interested, we have all the information on the Facebook page.
One thing I can say is that was the brightest and best time! We had nothing, only fire in our hearts!) Unfortunately, there is no audio or video ... Just like in myths))

Why the name Fausttophel?

Fausttophel is a combination of the names of famous heroes of the tragedy. The merger of these names first appeared in the 1949 novel The Silver Whirlwind by British author John Myers Myers. Very interesting work, I advise you to read. A character named Fausttophel appeared in the book only once, in the role of prosecutor in court. Intriguing?) Read!

Many line up changes?

The project resumed work in 2009, in Russia, in Obninsk city. At that time, there were two of us: Valentin (MAU) Samokhin and Aleksander (ADAMS) Savinykh. Our debut album "Thirst for Oblivion" was released in this line-up, in 2013. In the same year, three more musicians came, forming a group from the project. Guitarists - Vladislav (VLAD) Ustinov, Vladimir (VADER) Aldushkin. And drummer Nikolai (BOOGYMAN) Vykhodtsev. The following two albums were recorded and published in this group: “…Sancta Simplicitas…” 2016, and “No Liars among the Fallen” 2019. There were no more changes.

What influences your music and lyrics?

In fact, the sounds come spontaneously. We don’t plan them in advance. In the process of building the basis of the track, ideas arise, and we try to find something new, suddenly sounding in Metal. A verse also appears.

Eclectic Melodiс Black-Death Metal, why?

You know, there are five of us in the group, and we are all different! Age, musical taste, worldview. From here this Eclecticism arose. Eclecticism - a direction in ancient philosophy, combining diverse styles. Starting from the second album, we experiment and apply various turns in heavy music. Including not standard and unexpected. This is our trick))

Possible to live only from music?

This is a pretty serious question...) We are not professional musicians. Yes, perhaps once in childhood or in youth, everyone dreamed of a career as a famous musician. But, life put everything in its place)) Music for most of us took its place after work and family! No, in such a situation it is impossible to live only with music.

How it is the music scene in Полтава?

Today in Ukraine, not only in Poltava, everything is complicated with music. Without going into details, many musicians either end their musical careers or leave the country to continue to make music abroad! Now it’s a very difficult time. Maybe when the Chaos ends, everything will be reborn again ... I really hope so.

What are your plans for the future?

2020 is completely lost ... Fact. It’s hard to plan something when every day your brain gets crap!) But, we do not despair, there are some thoughts about the new material. We will try to spend time with benefit!)

What is your opinion about Portugal?

Wow!!! Ocean! Portwein! Corsairs! Moonspell! ))) I have never been there!) But, someday I will visit!) I am sure this is a beautiful country.

A final message for your fans and Hintf readers…

People! Do not watch TV, do not listen to the media! Listen to the right heavy music! Think with your brains! And you will be healthy!!! In touch!

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for interesting questions!


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