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Hintf: Thank you for answering this interview! What were your expectations when all began?
David: Hello and thank you for this interview!
When it all began, I started writing my own songs alone as a solo project and I really didn't know how it will develop. Sure, I wanted to have a band, but I didn't know anyone who liked the genre and wanted to join a band – So I decided to just start writing down music and see what happens.

Hintf: Who are Edellom?
David – Vocals, guitars
Maria – Vocals
Matan – Bass
Omer – Guitars
Carmel - Drums

Hintf: What influences your lyrics?
David: Folklore, fantasy books, thrillers, horror and of course other writers and bands that influenced us as musicians.

Hintf: Consider yourself dark/doom metal, why?
David: We started as Gothic-Doom and released a related demo, but as we started working on the album, we noticed that our music is a lot darker than before, and it just didn't match the classic Gothic-Doom genre anymore. We infused more Black Metal and Death Metal elements and I believe it shows.

Hintf: How it is the music scene in Israel?
David: Well, nowadays with the COVID-19 it is, as almost every cultural-related business here, quite gone. Once in a while, there are underground live shows "off the grid" but I believe most bands focus on writing new material and maybe shooting new video clips, while maintaining the government's COVID-19 instructions.

Hintf: What are your plans for the future?
David: Keep making music and perform live!

Hintf: Please define Edellom in only one word…
David: Storytelling

Hintf: What you guys know about Portugal?
David: I've never been to Portugal, but I will most probably visit Lisbon soon to have a small research of my family's connection to the country and its history. I cannot wait to be there!

Hintf: Would you like to leave some words to your fans in Portugal and to our readers?
David: It has been almost a year since we released our debut album, Sirens – go check it out, I hope you like it! If you do know our music and video clips, thank you for your support and I hope we will meet soon!


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