TRANQUILLIZER 247 (for Atmosfear #24)

Atmosfear #24



Greetings to the Polish band TRANQUILLIZER 247. Let's introduce your group to our readers. And the first question is when and by whom the band was organized.
Tranquilizer 247 started back in 2015 in during long night with a lot of booze, as a grind gore disco metal project. The so called founders were: Gulash on vocals, Gruby and Mazi on guitars, Łysy on bass and Szancer on drums. Nothing has change till now.

What kind of music have you grown up on, and who is the biggest inspiration for the TRANQUILLIZER 247?
Our inspiration is a mix. Everyone favors slightly different metal music. But to name some that would be Cannibal Corpse, Bloodbath, Within Destruction , Pantera or Meshuggah.

Question about your band name. What is this TRANQUILLIZER 247 and how did this name stick to you?
Tranquillizers are chemicals that gives you fun, and we like to have a lot of fun all the time. We use a lot of tranquillizers 😉 On our website you can read that Tranquillizer 247 plays relaxing music. 😉

I know that you are an active concert band and use the stage image. Tell a little about your concerts, where did you play and with whom? And also tell us about the stage image, who invented it and how did it change over time?
We played some gigs across Poland and Europe. Now we are about to start promotion tour in Poland. On stage our image is simple solid brutal madness . In the past we used to look different on every gig. We act like priest and nuns, football players or surfers, but in the end our current bloody image works best for us.

Your debut album is coming out in October. What difficulties did you encounter while recording the album?
Well, not much actually. We had great studio Nona Art, where we felt like in home. This allow us to record the material smooth and easy and quite fast. Some difficulties came after – I mean medical ones because of too many tranquillizers we’ve done 😊

You have chosen a Ukrainian label to publish your debut album. How long have you known Anatoly and what do you expect from the label?
Well we work together in some different projects and we were more that pleased with the cooperation. The choose was simple for this album. Anatoly does his job perfectly.

  TRANQUILLIZER 247 for Atmosfear 24

You make very unusual music at the junction of several styles. How do you name your style?
Grind core disco heavy metal of sth like this definitely not sober.

I understand that you use English and Polish for your lyrics. What are your lyrics about?
It depends. Some songs are more just funny, some are terrifying. We say about good fun, drugs and alcohol in all aspects - good, bad and extremely bad especially. We avoid politics – as we all agree, we implement our philosophy related topics in our other projects.

The Polish grind scene is not as well developed as the Czech one, but you probably have interesting bands in this style. Who can you recommend to our readers?
Our friends from Nuclear Vomit and Fetor - these are great band and great people. You need to listen to their music. As for the scene – we try to put our small brick to make it bigger. 😉

I know that the second album is already in full swing. When do you plan to start recording and how will it differ from the debut?
We plan to start in winter. To be honest we are not sure in which direction we will go. It has a lot to do with our current musical mood during composing and recording. The first sketches shows that it should be more brutal, darker…we’ll see what will happen.


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