EDELLOM (for Atmosfear #24)

Atmosfear #24



I welcome the Israeli band EDELLOM visiting our ATMOSFEAR magazine. Let's first introduce your band to our readers. When did you form and where are you based? Who is playing in the band now?
Hey there, thank you for this interview.
We are based and formed in Israel. The band members are David Nardya (Vocals & Guitars), Maria Raven (Vocals), Matan Kedar (Bass), Omer Cohen (Guitars) and Carmel Abramovitch (Session Drums).

Your debut Sirens album is coming out very soon. Accept congratulations and tell us please how the album was recorded and what difficulties did you encounter?
Thank you very much!
It was recorded in Tel-Aviv in D-music Studios. We had some technical difficulties… Long story short, it was a challenge we had to take, and this challenge made us stronger.

In fact, this is not your first work, because three years ago you released a demo tape lasting forty minutes. Many bands would release it as an album, but you designated it as a demo. Why? And what is the fate of this record now, is it available on physical media?
Indeed, we wanted to release something so people will know us, but we didn't have the resources to make it sound like we imagined. The production of the demo was far from perfect and we didn't feel like it suites the title "album". Of course, it is available on our BandCamp and we have some locally printed physical copies left.

It's no secret that the Gothic Doom is not an empty sound for you. Which bands besides DRACONIAN have inspired you?
Of course, bands like Swallow the Sun, Ahab, Distorted, Doom:VS, Lethian Dreams, Paradise Lost and many others. But, this debut album is not focused only on Gothic, it also draws inspiration from black, death and dark metal bands such as Behemoth, Burzum, Septicflesh, Mgła, Myrkur and tons more.

Speaking of DRACONIAN. I know that you played with them on the one stage when they were in Israel. How did everything go? Did you manage to talk and which album from their discography do you have as favorites?
It was one hell of an experience! It was both amazing and very hard, but totally worth it. Sharing a stage with the band you grew up listening to, was a dream coming to life. We talked to them a bit in the meet and greet just before the show. We think you cannot pick just one, all of them are so great. If someone doesn't know them we'd just recommend to start with the first album and go on.

Choosing a label, you stopped at the Ukrainian Another Side Records. How did you meet Anatoly and what do you expect from the label?
We sent samples to several places and Anatoliy also replied, we set our expectations and got a contract… The rest is history, as they say.

  EDELLOM for Atmosfear 24

Introduce our readers to the album’s lyrics. What are you singing about, is there a concept and who is the main author?
The album was written by both David and Maria, 4 songs each, divided into 2 different concepts/themes that share a common ground, dealing with love-hate relationship with a tragic end.

October 25 the label will start selling your debut album. How you would celebrate this event and are you planning any shows or even tours in support of the album?
We will celebrate it on November 9th in Tmuna theater in Tel-Aviv, Israel. We plan a special show and we're very excited!

Let's dwell a bit on the Israeli scene. In what condition is it now? Are there many bands? How often do the shows take place and how many people attend them?
There are many metal bands in Israel, a lot of different genres, not many gothic-doom bands beside us, unfortunately. I believe the main issue in Israel is that we don't have enough venues that will host a metal show – and still we have metal events and gigs almost every weekend here in Israel, you just need to know where to look. I guess most local gigs sell between 50-100 tickets.

The final chord. Despite the fact that the album is just coming out, what are your plans for the next album? Perhaps there are already new songs?
We currently focus on this album's PR and release show, but we sure are planning the next one already, though we cannot reveal too much.


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