ADES NUMEN (for Atmosfear #24)

Atmosfear #24



Hello! It's strange, but I'm already a little familiar with your group, since in 2015 I listened to your debut album Sweetness and Blasphemy, but then you were called CRUENTA LACRYMIS. Why did you change the name?
R: We changed the name because there was a fairly important change in the line up, and we wanted to give the idea of a new project.

Also, you have had some changes in the line-up. Who is in the band now and who has dropped out?
R: Yes, as we said we had important changes, Teo (drummer in Cruenta Lacrymis) in the Ades Numen, has gone at bass and vocals, a new drummer has entered the band, Stefano, Daniele remains on guitar.

What is the difference between the music of ADES NUMEN and CRUENTA LACRYMIS and what is the meaning of the name of the group?
R: The main difference is the voice, from female to male, the genre develops more towards symphonic death metal, which is not dark-black than before. The name literally means Ades (God of Hades, shadows and dead) Numen (is the Latin word for expressing divine power).

Introduce us your new album. What is your lyrics about and how was your music recording?
R: The album war was produced in the musical parts by Daniele, the texts written by Teo. The recording was done in Daniele's personal Project Studio.

You again asked for help the Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records to release the album. I understand right that you are satisfied with the work of the label?
A: We are satisfied with the way the label works, we also had the chance to meet Anatoly and we think it is a very serious and passionate and reliable person.

There are three of you in the group, but your music uses powerful keyboard support. Who records the keyboard parts? Do you use keyboard samples at a concerts?
R: The instrumental parts are written by Daniele, in the lives we use sequences controlled by a PC.

  ADES NUMEN for Atmosfear 24

There are a ton of groups in Italy, but very few are famous. Why do you think this happens?
A: I believe mainly that the problem in Italy is the scarce participation of the public at the concerts, by now we follow the live music little and we prefer to watch everything on the web, unfortunately! This does not help the bands with good potential to be known and truly appreciated for what they are or can transmit to the public from the stage.

You are from Padova. What is your city famous for? And how is your metal scene developing? Do concerts often take place? Which groups can you recommend from your places.
R: Padua is famous for the basilica of S. Antonio (hahaha ...) and for the square "Prato della Valle" for many univesrity .... As for the metal music, there was a period, between 2005 to 2015 in which there was enough space to play, several festivals were organized, small, but well followed and there was more possibility of playing live, even in various nightclubs, in the last 4-5 years there is a little running out of everything and there is much less chance of performing live unfortunately. Some very interesting bands in our area are Necrosy, Riul Doamnei, these are my favorites about extreme metal, but there are really many interesting ones.

The final chord and, according to tradition, announce to us the immediate plans of the group.
R: We are currently starting to work on new material for writing the upcoming album.


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