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Hello! There is very little information about NATURA MORTA, so let's clarify some points. When was the project formed and for what purpose?
Natura Morta in current shape was formed in August 2018. Previously it existed from 1990 to 1993 as a proper band, and before that under other names since 1987.
I’m not one of the founding members, but since the other 2 have no interest in playing and we live far apart, I have kept the name and the spirit for my project. And by “project” I mean full dedication and passion. I had not played anything for nearly 15 years and never thought I would come back to it, but during tough time in my life I needed something good and I embraced music once again. The final push came in summer 2018 from playing a special “old line-up reunion” concert in Poland with my colleagues from another band I was a part of in the 90s. I realised my hands could still play, and it went from there.
I wanted to create and record music that we never had a chance to publish long time ago. From something simple and furious, to more melodic and experimental, because that was the trajectory of the band in the early 90s. Obviously it’s my own creation, done with the modern tools and skills I now possess, but also a kind of an homage to old Natura Morta that never achieved any recognition. After having done so on 3 albums I can go in any direction now.

As far as I know, you play NATURA MORTA alone. Why? You could not find like-minded people or
initially wanted to do everything yourself?

I have lived in Norwich, UK since 2004 and I never met a single person that I would consider to form a band with. Perhaps if I were interested in doing that earlier than in 2018, I could, but now I feel it’s too late. Apart from 3 short rehearsals before the aforementioned concert, my last interaction with musicians was in 1999. I can barely remember how it feels. I have no ambition to record everything on my own and I don’t think nobody could offer anything good to Natura Morta, but it is my vision at the moment and I don’t know anyone who would be interested in sharing it.

When you record your music, do you do everything yourself or do you use the help of other musicians?
Apart from some samples from films, etc, it’s just me.

You have recorded three albums so far. Please describe each of them.
“Anarchy 666” was supposed to be simple, angry and direct. I love primitive early albums of bands like Sodom, Bathory, Hellhammer. Mine is very dry-sounding and done with minimum fuss. There is a bit more HC/punk there, which fits with the lyrics. The title is a nod to the album I played on in 1998 called “Anarchia 666”. Production is amateurish, because that was the best I could do.
“Vile Masters Of Mankind” was composed and recorded on a slightly better guitar, so I could do a little bit more. It is a concept album of sorts – journey through the misery called life. Very unoriginal concept, but nonetheless one that will unfortunately always ring true to many people. I introduced more keyboards and clean vocals, because misery comes in many colours. Plus, there were more ideas and I needed more means to express them.
“Schwarze Mauer” is the least Metal oriented album, but still heavy. It was recorded on a baritone guitar and the overall sound was denser and darker. Harsh vocals served very little purpose there, so they are sparse. The songs differ from one another, but there is a thread which keeps it together.
I am a pretty mediocre instrumentalist, so I try to play a bit differently, but because of the low quality production, the nuances often get lost in the muddle. I learn as much as I can on my own, hoping to achieve best results. At least I have no problem with creating music. The sound of it can only get better with knowledge, besides, it’s the compositions that count more than polish and slickness.

If you'd recommend your music, which album is better to start acquaintance with?
The second one, “Vile Masters Of Mankind”. It’s a bridge between the aggression and straightforwardness of the first and experiments and mood of the third. All 3 of them are in the past now and I don’t see myself replaying those again. There are many other bands who do it much better that I can.

  Natura Morta

All albums are currently available digitally only. Do you plan to publish them in physical media?
I’d love to, but can’t afford it.

You have very unusual outside style music. What kind of reviews have you managed to collect on your albums?
I sent hundreds infos to any place I could think of, and got maybe 3 reviews in total. These 3 were rather good. People either don’t listen to it, or think it’s not even worth a review. I heard my music described as strange, maybe that’s the reason for lack of interest. I don’t consider it strange at all, and I don’t consider myself a strange person, but that’s what comes out of me, and that’s how it’s going to be regardless of anything.

How interested are you in someone else's opinion? Do you try to change something after reading some reviews?
I am interested, otherwise I would not bother to put my music out there. A friend of mine suggested I used an outside producer or a consultant, but since I don’t know anyone who could do that, it’s not happening. I have absolutely no money to hire professional people. I can afford a new set of strings once in a while. I have my own ideas and concepts, but I don’t cling to them stiffly. So far It has been purely my band, but I’m open to suggestions.

Name the five bands that have influenced NATURA MORTA the most.
I like and probably am influenced by many bands, but I can hear only few on my albums. Sometimes just in bits or particular riffs, or quite unexpectedly. Voivod, Aura Noir, King Crimson, Killing Joke…In one song I stole one riff from Darkthrone and the next one from Obituary, but nobody would know that, the way they were played. There are a lot of things like that. I try never to sound like anybody else deliberately, but if the effect does and I still like it and it feels like it’s my own, I have no problem admitting it. It’s more important not to repeat myself and there are plenty of great bands to steal from.

Last question. Your plans for the future and your last words to our readers.
I’m finishing my next album, which will be shorter and much less complicated than any previous ones. After that I may do something with no guitars at all, but I only work on one thing at a time, so let’s wait and see.
if your readers ever listen to my music, thank you and I’d love to hear your opinions. I never thought I would go back to playing and making music after nearly 2 decades of “civilian life”, but it helped me to recover from a serious illness and it is my greatest passion. I really recommend it. A laptop and a microphone is all you need nowadays.


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