Slowly We Roth Magazine #7

Slowly We Roth Magazine 7Not something we usually cover inhere, Shadow Rebels' second full-length is a head scratching mix of basically everything you could hear in a Rock (not Metal) TV show in the '90's, from Alternative to Grunge and from Progressive to Hard Rock, plus some Jazz Rock and Ethnic Rock influences, a soft record "hardened" a bit by the Metal guitar riffs surfacing here and there throughout the audition. The band decided to record everything completely on analog equipment, not sure why at this point in time though, but here's another element to stick them to the '90's or an even earlier time. Not my type of music and on top of that I find the compositions pretty mediocre although the band members seem to have both skills and good imagination, but if you think such a mix of genre sounds interesting, by all means, give this album a spin.

Adrian (Pest Webzine/Slowly We Roth Magazine)



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