Zombie Ritual Zine

Well, this is supposed to be the second album of the Israeli band, and it sounds alternative, fusion and melodic.
All tracks are rooted in soft hard rock, grunge elements, progressive, even funk music, but the band knows how to approach all musical skills and added some modern elements here and there. Also, they added some violin chords elements, and what seems to be traditional instruments, in specific moments and the result sounds relaxing and good. Vocals are soft and enjoyable, with not many risks, and maybe that’s the only reason, I complaint about the album. Definitely this is not something I haven’t heard before, and definitely it’s something that regularly I don’t listen to, but it’s an quite interesting rock album if you are curious about what’s going on in that side of the world. My respect for the band, but after two listening, I can’t say I will do again.

Victor Varas (Zombie Ritual Zine)


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