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The Israeli band exists since 2004. And it seems that “Oversleep Hurricane” is the first album of the band, but I’m not sure. In any case, the musicians put a lot of heart in their Rock playing and the sounds of unconventional for rock instruments like a sitar and a violin.
The album manifests itself as a mature piece of work. The basis of the composition formed the guitar’s themes. They are slightly sharp and a little heavy as well as the subdued drums and the melodic singing (sometimes falsetto). However, the basis is enriched by a variety of instrumental motifs – the calm guitar’s arpeggios and chords, and virtuosic solos or quite sharp solos that all create music more spatial. In turn, the sharper impacts and stronger screams stimulate a listener. In addition, the parts of the violin or the sitar bring breeze of Folk music. The mentioned use of the sitar among the Rock themes caused that I did comparison SHADOW REBELS to ORPHANED LAND, although the second band is more Metal. And the sounds of keys make the music is even more spatial. Thanks to the keys at times the music reminds the playing of Hard Rock of the 70s or Jazz.
The songs have a fairly dense structure of arrangements, thus the music obtains the features of Progressive Rock, and thanks to the dark climate and the dirty guitars also obtains a mark of Grunge. In addition, some phrases are even in style of Jazz or Funk and it causes the whole becomes even more diverse.
However in my opinion the guitars are too dirty for such compositions. But it is a matter of guitars effects and appropriate mastering of sounds.

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