LOCUS TITANIC FUNUS "Castus Lacrima" 2013
/Another Side Records/

1. Locus Titanic Funus
2. Морфий/Morphine
3. Фея/Fairy
4. Зеркало/Mirror
5. Covered With Sorrow
6. The Last Separation Time


locus titanic - funus castus lacrima


issue2 frontpageOne of my favourite things about the modern metal scene is just how unexpected it can be. We expect the traditional style of black metal to come from Norway, chilling and evil black metal to come from Finland, we expect death metal from the US, and from eastern Europe we tend to expect pagan metal or similar. For this reason, I was pleased to find a serious gothic effort from Russia. Locus Titanic Funus seems to find its home in Moscow, so don’t let the Latin titles fool you - these guys are pretty much Russian through and through in their lyrics. I can describe the album overall as lugubrious. It’s lethargically slow from beginning to end, and while interesting, it’s not the greatest take on gothic metal in my mind. Furthermore, the gurgled male vocals just aren’t my thing. It makes the album feel a bit overdramatic, perhaps even corny. It’s when the female vocals pick up that the album takes a turn for the better. Buzzing guitar in the background and piano progressions are a few of the high points in the album, but I fear that they’re just not enough to make it a great. There’s promise, but the lack of energy and the vocals just didn’t cut it for me.

5.5 / 10
ALEX ROSS (Metalegion #2/2017)


Terroraiser 54Довольно неоднозначные у меня остались впечатления от прослушивания дебютного альбома российского проекта LOCUS TITANIC FUNUS. В целом - красивая, хотя и очень уж печальная музыка - порой чуть ли не на границе с похоронным думом. Достаточно широкий арсенал используемых звучаний, явно обогащающий музыкальную палитру альбома. С другой стороны, меня смущают вокальные партии - в попытке добиться разнообразия в этом элементе, как мне кажется, проект перегибает палку. Если женский и чистый мужской вокалы кажутся вполне достойными, то употребление гроулинга, а особенно скриминга не кажется мне удавшимся, а порой они вообще неуместны в том или ином случае. А если добавить еще и другие вариации - шепоты, стенания и т.д., то складывается впечатление перегруженности, из-за чего теряется основная музыкальная идея. В общем, мне кажется, при более сдержанном использовании вокальных линий, материал был бы более цепляющим. Уж не раздражающим местами - то точно,

Moonfucker (Terroraiser # 54)

dark city 77Очередной альбом из разряда дешевого отечественного андеграунда, которому следовало бы оставаться бесплатным ознакомительным интернет-релизом - и не более того. Уже на начальном этапе знакомства с диском вас должен насторожить 4-страничный "буклет" с любительским оформлением и микроскопическими, абсолютно нечитаемыми текстами, - по такой "одёжке" стоит не только встречать, но и сразу же провожать подобного "гостя". Но если это вас не остановило и вы всё же решили послушать сам альбом то будьте готовы, что на нём вас ждёт унылый и чахлый готик/дум/дэт/блэк - будто его записывали неизлечимо больные подростки в крайней степение истощения и депрессии. К счастью, их угасающих сил хватило лишь на 40 с небольшим музицирования - а после всей группой отправились, похоже, в лучший из миров ...

1010 (DARK CITY № 77)

Rlyeh zine 12Pamiętam świetnie wylew kapel Gothic / Doom Metalowych w pierwszej połowie lat 90tych. Laski zakładały czarne kiecki, a mroczni i źli Metalowcy ze smutkiem na smagłych obliczach odgrywali swoje role mizantropijnych wampirów. I wszystko żeby sobie poruchać. Jakie dupy takie wampiry. LOCUS TITANIC FUNUS znakomicie wpisuje się w tę „pomroczną” stylistykę i zapewne znajdą się nastolatki, których taka muza poruszy.  Ciężki, posuwisty walec z mnóstwem sztampowych melodii, klawiszy, growli, itd. Wszystko ograne już od lat kilkunastu, absolutnie nic nowego- wszystko i nic w jednym. Mamy tu sześć długich, ładnie ułożonych kawałków miętkiego romansidła rodem z Południowo- Amerykańskich telenoweli. No cóż, kompletnie nie trafia do mnie taka muzyka, a i nota jest nieco zawyżona przez wzgląd na fakt, że jednak podobają mi się te „mroczne gotyckie” laski, a połowa składu tego duetu to niczego sobie babka hehe!

R'lyeh 'zine #12

Try pronouncing that properly with a blocked nose - seems that this lot picked one up whilst recording too.
A lucious female vocalled intro yeilds way to a track of torturous slow extreme metal dirge that destroys my own will to live, save for the swish piano interludes in- between. Nice it would be for the band to try sounding like that all the way as I massively savour the melodic element dominating the following four, either side of the tedious growls. Some things work together but when particular side steals the upper hand, it does fare go keep them seperate.
Try it out at least.

Dave Attrill (

Locus Titanic Funus is a duo from Moscow. Alexey takes care of the instrumentation (and some of the vocals) and Mila does the singing. The emphasis on the music lies on the keyboard parts. I assume this has been put together on the computer at home and later on the guitars and vocals were added. Style wise this can be described as gothic metal even when you can also hear doom and black metal parts. because of the keyboards being this important it leads to a dreamlike atmosphere that here and there gets interrupted by heavier parts. especially when Alexey uses his throat. He has quite a wide arsenal of vocal styles where Mila kind of sounds fragile, which suits the music fine though. Its a bit hard to compare this to other bands but at times I had to think of the early material of Italys Canaan. I even hear some parts that slightly remind of Moonspell as if they would have been fucked up on Valium. Even if this does sound reasonable, I am not completely convinced by this debut of these Russians. I get the idea there could have been more to this album. The booklet should get a bit more attention too, as the lyrics are in such a small font it is impossible to read. The fact that three songs are in Russian doesnt even matter in this case.

Pim B. (Lords Of Metal)

The band name screams goth metal a long way. But I could be wrong and this could end up being the long lost cousin to My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost. I get that potential just from the name alone. Whatever this turns out to be I just hope that in the end I won’t feel cheated out of my time. This is heavy like a Monday morning. Don’t know how goth it is, even though there is that aura about the music but most of all it is slow to the point of dragging its feet along. Listening to this is like being in a suspended state of mind. You see the world around you moving in slow motion while your brain races on in 200mph. And at the same time it is beautiful in a way that hurts. This is the melancholic kind of metal that gets my emotions flowing.

Anders Ekdahl (Battle Helm)

Atmospheric Doom Metal that Anathema successfully started back in the day. This band from Russia brings a more experimental approach to it all, floating melodies are the key words and so it doesn't really encourage any headbanging, instead, lay down for a while, light up a joint and let yourself be carried away into the night. Music that will forever blemish your soul!!

Paul Caravasi (Aquelarre Zine)

Let's see what this Moscow-based band is all about. From the looks of it we're talking about a pair of musicians in guitarist Alexey Mikhaylov and vocalist Mila Ionova (Mea Vita) who, bound together by a shared love of darker music, made the most out of what was, by all intensive purposes, a studio-only project. Or at least for now as rumor has it they would very much like to pull it all off live. With that "Castus Lacrima" is the pair's debut-release and it's a fine thing indeed! Alright, so there's both female and male vocals. That works well in conjunction with the softer, more subtle passages, and the more gruff (and frankly bleak) black metal moments/movements. Joined by studio enhancements (ie: electronic elements such as synthesizers and drum machines), our pair of  musicians set their sights on provocative (or is that pervasive and punishing?) goth-tinged, occultist metal. While the group's name reportedly has to do with disaster of one sort or another what comes roaring out is anything but a disaster. Instead we have before us what, previously (in another life-time) at least, would have just been dubbed "alternative" music, but here it's like black metal with a twist. As hinted that's a goth twist and, when some sorrowful doom is unleashed upon the mix as well, it's quite the challenge to just say that Locus Titanic Funus sound like so and so when the reality is, as warped and bloodstained as it is with this type of morbid metal, this guy and girl combo is onto something decidedly different. It's not a release for everyone in you're household (unless you live in a hellish haunted house!) as it's dark and does bear some of the tell-tale trademarks of traditional black metal (usually a love it or loathe it genre to begin with), but as I step back and look at "Castus Lacrima" I'm quite glad that I reviewed this one particular release from Metal Scrap Records first as it's likely to stay with me for awhile!

Andy (Heavy Metal Time Machine)

Locus Titanic Funus are a band from Ukraine that plays a mixture of black, gothic and doom metal and this is a review of their 2013 album "Castus Lacrima" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Drum programming ranges from slow to mid paced beats, while the synths bring a very atmospheric, dark, symphonic and gothic sound to the music, as for the bass playing it has a very strong and powerful sound with heavy riffing that dominates throughout the recording.
Rhythm guitars are all slow to mid paced riffs that combine black, funeral doom and gothic together to create a sound of their own, while the lead guitars are very melodic sounding doom metal guitar leads.
Vocals range from deep funeral doom growls, grim sounding black metal screams, clean singing female and male vocals and some spoken word parts, while the lyrics cover dark and depressive themes, as for the production it has a very strong, powerful, heavy and dark sound where you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this recording with the songs being long and epic in length.
In my opinion Locus Titanic Funus are a very great sounding hybrid of black, doom and gothic metal and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Morphine" and "Covered With Sorrow". RECOMMENDED BUY.

OccultBlackMetal (Blackened Death Metal Zine)


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