Lords Of Metal

Locus Titanic Funus is a duo from Moscow. Alexey takes care of the instrumentation (and some of the vocals) and Mila does the singing. The emphasis on the music lies on the keyboard parts. I assume this has been put together on the computer at home and later on the guitars and vocals were added. Style wise this can be described as gothic metal even when you can also hear doom and black metal parts. because of the keyboards being this important it leads to a dreamlike atmosphere that here and there gets interrupted by heavier parts. especially when Alexey uses his throat. He has quite a wide arsenal of vocal styles where Mila kind of sounds fragile, which suits the music fine though. Its a bit hard to compare this to other bands but at times I had to think of the early material of Italys Canaan. I even hear some parts that slightly remind of Moonspell as if they would have been fucked up on Valium. Even if this does sound reasonable, I am not completely convinced by this debut of these Russians. I get the idea there could have been more to this album. The booklet should get a bit more attention too, as the lyrics are in such a small font it is impossible to read. The fact that three songs are in Russian doesnt even matter in this case.

Pim B. (Lords Of Metal)


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