Metalegion #2/2017

issue2 frontpageOne of my favourite things about the modern metal scene is just how unexpected it can be. We expect the traditional style of black metal to come from Norway, chilling and evil black metal to come from Finland, we expect death metal from the US, and from eastern Europe we tend to expect pagan metal or similar. For this reason, I was pleased to find a serious gothic effort from Russia. Locus Titanic Funus seems to find its home in Moscow, so don’t let the Latin titles fool you - these guys are pretty much Russian through and through in their lyrics. I can describe the album overall as lugubrious. It’s lethargically slow from beginning to end, and while interesting, it’s not the greatest take on gothic metal in my mind. Furthermore, the gurgled male vocals just aren’t my thing. It makes the album feel a bit overdramatic, perhaps even corny. It’s when the female vocals pick up that the album takes a turn for the better. Buzzing guitar in the background and piano progressions are a few of the high points in the album, but I fear that they’re just not enough to make it a great. There’s promise, but the lack of energy and the vocals just didn’t cut it for me.

5.5 / 10
ALEX ROSS (Metalegion #2/2017)



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