LEAVE THE CIRCUS "Mindless Mass" 2014
/Another Side Records/

1. First Blood 01:31
2. Counter the Pain 03:09
3. Eradicate the Terror 04:20
4. Dreaming Lie 03:12
5. Mindless Mass 01:22
Total playing time: 13:34




The Greek Metal scene is truly strong and powerful, no doubt about this thought. But we always think about ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA and SUICIDAL ANGELS as the greater Metal names of the country. It seems, sometimes, the Greece has a stronger insight into Extreme Metal. But LEAVE THE CIRCUS, from Athens, uses a different and more melodic insight in making their music, as we can hear clearly on the first EP, “Mindless Mass”.
It’s a melodic and aggressive way, something between Thrash Metal and Modern Metal, but not Metalcore (as some can think due the constant presence of some clean and melodic vocals). The vocals stay in a harsh way the greater part of time, but with clean ones appearing a lot. The guitars are making very interesting riffs. The rhythmic basis created by bass and drums is very heavy and powerful, showing good technique and making the tempos understandable. Maybe it is not the most original band of all, but they do a very good and refreshing music, and are in the right way.
The sound quality is good enough for us to understand what they are playing, and to comprehend what they want to do, keeping the musical arrangements clear. But it could be better in terms of some tunes.
“First Blood” is an introduction, and “Mindless Mass” an outro. So we have three tracks: the good and aggressive “Counter the Pain” (the mix between harshness and melody is extremely good, with some guitar riffs that are fine), “Eradicate the Terror” (with some melodies that reminds modern Metal bands, and with a good work from bass and drums), and “Dreaming Lie” (another abrasive song, with very good vocals in the middle of the oppressive sound mass they create).
As Ol’ Big Daddy here said above, they still have a long way to go, but they’re in the right way.

Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia (Metal Temple)

Rock Hard 26Máme tu opäť kombináciu dvoch metalových štýlov - death a alternatíva. Ako sa to podarilo tejto gréckej kapele? Grécko nie je v metalovej scéne nováčikom, no táto kapela sa ťažko radí medzi velikánov, akými sú ROTTING CHRIST alebo SUICIDAL ANGEL. Je ešte mladá a čas ukáže jej zrelosť v tomto boji. Ako počuť muzikanti z LEAVE THE CIRCUS majú v obľube rôzne štýly metalu, ktoré vtesnali do tohto debutového EP so štyrmi skladbami. Ja som tam cítil aj dosť hardcore prvkov, ktoré mi trochu pripomenuli americkú kapelu MERAUDER. Prispel k tomu aj agresívny spev Vagelisa Koliosa. Refrénové linky sprevádzajú melodické gitarové vyhrávky, striedaním čistého a harsh (agresívny spev typický pre HC/thrash) vokálu. Trochu mi vadila jednoduchosť gitár, ale to mohlo byť už ovplyvnením dnešnej pretechnizovanej hudby.

Pavel Madola (Rock Hard #26)


Leave The Circus. They come from Athens, Greece and exist since 2013. They play alternative metal. The line-up is Pete Tross on guitars and vocals, Vagelis Kolios on vocals, Anthony Kontozoglou on drums and Nick Pan on bass. They just released their debut EP Mindless Mass.
This is alternative metal, I already said that, but sometimes you can even call it catchy or poppy. Not always, because there are also heavy parts on Mindless Mass. In my opinion the vocals could be a little more rough, especially the clean vocals, they aren't metal enough for me. Instrumentally this band is real strong. Fast, solid music. All the way this 13 minute-EP is not for everyone. It is not junk, it is not a masterpiece. Maybe the band just have to grow in the world of metal. Maybe this is it.
But, this is my opinion, go listen to it yourself and maybe this is some music for you.

Tim Van Velthuysen (Dutch Metal Maniac)

Debut EP from a Greek modern metal band. Very melodic stuff, even though it’s a little harder and heavier too sometimes. 5 tracks is what we get, and it sounds o.k., even though it’s hardly a masterpiece. ”Eradicate The Terror” is probably the best track.

Jimmy Blom (Hard Rock Info)


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