BLACK CULT "Cathedral Of The Black Cult" 2016
/Another Side Records/

1. Black Cathedral 05:26
2. Worship the Beast 04:43
3. Dark Matter 06:30
4. Until the Devil Takes Us 06:47
5. The Witches Dance 04:44
6. Hierophant 04:12
7. Undeath 05:14
8. Gaze of Insanity 04:36
9. Ego Te Absolvo 05:15
10. Kingdom of the Worm (Motörhead cover) 03:55
Total playing time: 51:45

BLACK CULT Cathedral Of The Black Cult




Slowly We Rot 10Founded in 2013 by two experienced Black Metal musicians from Croatia, Black Cult is nowadays a full line-up band consisting of 5 members, all with considerable experience in the scene, and they are presenting here their second full-length album, 10 tracks clocking a bit over 50 minutes of playing time. Let's start with the bad parts: first the cover artwork is absolutely dull, one of the dullest I've seen, nothing to entice your attention; then the production is a disaster in my opinion, the sound is grainy, fuzzy, all in all annoying, and probably I'm a bit too harsh, but for a good reason, these compositions would have deserved a way better treatment, with a proper sound at least half of the 10 tracks would have been total blasts! Well, passing over the bad sound and stale artwork, Black Cult prove to be a damn fine ensemble delivering extremely visious, demonic, venomous modern Black Metal with an attitude that reminds the nowadays Black Death mix, with highlights falling on the razor-sharp, evil Black Metal shrieks completed here and there by fantastic Power Metal-like clean vocals (not enough, I'd have wanted more of them!), and on the lead guitar that delivers some raving outbursts of long and catchy solos, but all current musicians in this band seem to have excellent skills and potential to come up with interesting compositions, so Black Cult is definitely a combo to keep an eye on.

7/10 (Slowly We Rot #10)

This band's music is the furthest thing from something someone would put on in the car and go cruising to pick up chicks and sluts - which is to say it is great. The Black Cult is an amalgamation of brutal black metal that alternates between fast, mid-paced and slow.
The opener Black Cathedral is a tortured and labouring occult song that leads to Worship The Beast, a track that speeds up and pounds the listener. The mystical riffs and battling guitar disharmonics would be more than sufficient even if it were not for the ripping leads. More of this combination of Slayer's Show No Mercy and Seance's Fornever Laid To Rest please. Dark Matter is heavy and fast. The sound is not great, but the band’s blackened and militaristic heart in the right place. The slower interludes take the astute listener back to the days of early Pan-Thy-Monium, but who remembers what that means anymore? Safe to say, those passages are vaguely ambient, the solos traditional and vocal harmonies present. There are blistering solos to be had for anyone enlisted in the Cult. Until The Devil Takes Us has a distinctly weak guitar part during the slow parts and it is important to not forgive the band for them because they proves that otherwise it is fully capable of doing what they need to do to succeed. The melodies even smack of folk music. By now, nevertheless, it is fairly obvious that these men are the best Croatia has to offer. They do mix up the vocals, but usually to good effect. Had anyone heard of these guys before? On The Witches Dance – not a Mercyful Fate cover incidentally, but one of those will come soon – the band again mashes up its penchant for speed and slowness and tops it up with guitar solos that sound like a wailing violin. This act can go from slow to fast and back at the drop of a dime and make it sound seamless. The vocals are hellish. The blasting is explosive. Hierophant likely features the best lead on this album. There is more where that came from, but unfortunately, the album is topped up by yet.another.cover.version this time Motörhead’s Kingdom Of The Worm.
This Cathedral is made from heaviness, speed, powerful vocals, capable leads, copious layering and thought and completed by Satan. A cover, some suspect melodies and weaker sound engineering lose it some points, but overall it is a structure to be visited and revisited.

Ali (

Cathedral of the Black Cult marks the second collaboration of the Croatian quintet collectively known as Black Cult. The band itself refers to this records as both ‘the past and future of Black Metal’. While this might be a bit of a bold statement for a fairly new band to make about their own music (they were founded back in 2013), it is by no means without some modium of merit. This is due to the fact that in the last twenty years or so, the five members of Black Cult have been part of at least thirteen different bands, honing their skills and perfecting their individual approach to music. This is very evident on Cathedral of the Black Cult, since the sheer experience, talent and dedication each and every musician brings to the table sets the bar for this record very high. As for the above-mentioned statement, the ‘past and future sound of Black Metal’ is also quite justified; If I had not read up on Black Cult as a band prior to giving this album a spin, I could easily have mistaken them for being a contemporary of many of the Black Metal legends that gave rise to the Second Wave. They have managed to stay true to this sound, while at the same time keeping it modern (most noticeably they have not stuck to the rough, unclean sound that many earlier bands favoured). All in all, Cathedral of the Black Cult contains nine original tracks, as well as a Black Metal cover version of the Motörhead song ”Kingdom of the Worm” (perhaps a tribute to the now-deceased legend? Who knows). My focus wil be, however, on the original content which, despite an overall coherent feel, clearly are distinct, powerful tracks, each in their own right. Not two tracks are entirely alike (as far as I understand it, this was a deliberate choice by the band in order for each member to leave their ‘own mark’ on the album, as it were); However, they are all built up in a time-tested and tried fashion: Powerful and distorted guitars, relentless drums, unforgiving bass and a gravelling, near growling vocal track. On several tracks you might even catch a glimpse of a guitar solo or two, expertly woven into the rest of the music and adding a bit of variation (a noticeable example is the track ”Black Cathedral). On top of that, Black Cult has chosen to stick to the classics, lyrics-wise and focuses solely upon the theme of satanism – Something they back up by giving Cathedral of the Black Cult not only said title, but through an underlying feel of symphony that somehow draws parallels to religious institutions (I cannot pin-point exactly what gives me this comparison – I will get back to you). Sure, in theory this record is the second release from this very accomplished Croatian band – However, many, many more hours of both practice, creation and perfection goes before it, due to the sheer amount of previous experiences from its members. And this has helped to create one hell of an addition to the Black Metal genre. It should be noted, however, that despite the nearly fifty-two minutes worth of grinding riffs Cathedral of Black Light represents is a great album in my opinion, it very little new. It is an album for fans of the old-school genre, and therefore I feel obliged to point that out. And just to prove my point, please click the link below for the music video The Witches Dance.

Brian (

BLACK CULT is a quintet from Rijeka in Croatia. “Cathedral of the Black Cult” is the second material and previously was released the album “Neo-Satanism” in 2014. You do not associate the Croatian BLACK CULT with the black-metal band from Brazil with the same name or with the black-thrash BLACK CULT from Bolivia. The cover-art of “Cathedral of the Black Cult” is trivial – the repeated the same image of Baphomet. They could try a more imaginative graphic design, which could give even more attractiveness for this album with the very good music.
The music of Croats is extreme black metal, but technical, difficult, varied. They do not play a few monotonous riffs throughout the album with the unintelligible vocals. The aggression is dominant but there still are the changes of rhythms and melodies, and the brutal passages are interspersed with slower pieces. These slowdowns are often very heavy, like in “Until the Devil Takes Us”. The lead guitar often plays the melodic motifs, and this combined with the aggression of other instruments gives an interesting effect – for example “Dark Matter”. Some of the songs are based on a galloping rhythm, like “Hierophant”, also the cover-song of MOTÖRHEAD “Kingdom of the Worm”. This cover-song is played with a much more aggressive way than the original, but I think Lemmy would liked it, because the song keeps a high level.
Almost every track contains a melodic solo in the style of heavy-metal, such element is well. This makes the compositions are enriched. The drummer is very good, he plays broken rhythms. He do not save himself energy. The singing of singer is aggressive, but understandable and expressive. The vocal brings a lot positive stuffs to the music on the disc. In the song “Ego These absolvo” was used the short sounds of piano and the screams of the damned, which formed the background for the instruments. And at the very end of the track was used the clean singing in Gregorian style.
All the musicians are perfectly in tune. The production is clear but the atmosphere of the album is dark, overwhelming. “Cathedral of the Black Cult” is well-thought album. The band knows what it wants to play and they are able to do this. I recommend this album to all lovers of extreme metal.

Musashi (

Call this influenced or homage but definately call it damm good black metal. The BLACK CULT hail from Croatia but if I didn't tell you that you would think Norway circa mid-nineties during the end of the second wave if you gave it a listen. Their back story might explain a few things. BLACK CULT started out a few years ago, 2013 to be exact. In 2014 the band made up of two members (Insanus - Guitars, Bass, Drums and Morbid - vocals) released their debut, Neo-Satanism, which was a package of evilness. Following that the band decided to bring in other members culled from the Croatian extreme metal scene. The final result is this their sophmore release.
Cathedral of the Black Cult is pure melodic black metal with bits of experimentaion thrown in like industrial stylings and classic metal solos. The latter part would be from new guitarist Alen Brentini, aka; Fallen, who's soloing might be out of place for traditional black metal but on here it sounds stylish as well as perfect. And that's the unique part here. You have a mix of SATYRICON, GORGOROTH, DIMMU BORGIR and BORKNAGER with traditional genre lyric themes plus the non traditional elements makes this an excellent as well as accessible release and BLACK CULT as one of Europe's new leaders in the genre. Don't overlook this release.


Founded in 2013 by two experienced Black Metal musicians from Croatia, Black Cult is nowadays a full line-up band consisting of 5 members, all with considerable experience in the scene, and they are presenting here their second full-length album, 10 tracks clocking a bit over 50 minutes of playing time. Let's start with the bad parts: first the cover artwork is absolutely dull, one of the dullest I've seen, nothing to entice your attention; then the production is a disaster in my opinion, the sound is grainy, fuzzy, all in all annoying, and probably I'm a bit too harsh, but for a good reason, these compositions would have deserved a way better treatment, with a proper sound at least half of the 10 tracks would have been total blasts! Well, passing over the bad sound and stale artwork, Black Cult prove to be a damn fine ensemble delivering extremely visious, demonic, venomous modern Black Metal with an attitude that reminds the nowadays Black Death mix, with highlights falling on the razor-sharp, evil Black Metal shrieks completed here and there by fantastic Power Metal-like clean vocals (not enough, I'd have wanted more of them!), and on the lead guitar that delivers some raving outbursts of long and catchy solos, but all current musicians in this band seem to have excellent skills and potential to come up with interesting compositions, so Black Cult is definitely a combo to keep an eye on.

Adrian (

“Black Cult” is the effort of two prominent members of the Croatian Black Metal scene - self-described as the heaviest of the modern Black Metal scenes. Insanus wrote all of the music - except for the final track, which is a MOTÖRHEAD cover - whilst Morbid wrote the lyrics. The album as a whole is best described as Satanic Melodic Black Metal. It has this really oppressive feel but it doesn’t smother you with it; somehow it manages to be on the more “accessible” end of the spectrum, despite how pervasive the dark tone is.
“Black Cathedral” is a strong opener; with demonic and screeching voices setting the tone for the LP. “Dark Matter” might be a standout of the album for me; with rapid guitar work that sets an unsettling tone before the drums drop and the atmosphere goes from eerie to harsh with the help of some devilishly good vocals.“Undeath" in particular has a Melodic tilt and includes a nice guitar solo about halfway through that isn’t as crushing as you might expect. The solo is light and Melodic, but also powerful. “Gaze of Insanity”starts off fast and strong, building intensity until it is railing against you like a bat out of hell.
If you have any love for Black Metal, do not make the mistake of passing up “Cathedral of the Black Cult”. As far as Black Metal fans are concerned, there is something for everyone here, with different tempos and intensities throughout. There are some awesome tonal changes and great riffs that keep the album fun rather than just a hardcore slugfest. “Kingdom of the Worm”is a killer cover and a fun way to wrap up the album with a brutal reinterpretation of a classic. If you find yourself in the mood for a little Satanic Black Metal, look no further, because BLACK CULT will scratch that itch and reignite it over and over again.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

Garrett Davis (

rockhard354BLACK CULT Cathedral Of The Black Cult Another Side/TWS (51:20) Schwarzer Kult, schwarzer Metal. Kroatische Musiker, die auch bei Bands wie Ashes You Leave oder Gorthaur´s Wrath aktiv sind oder waren, operieren seit 2013 zusammen und haben just ihre zweite Platte veröffentlicht. Darauf gibt es Black Metal mit hohem Blastbeat-Faktor und gelegentlichen atmosphärischen Gruseleffekten zu hören. Kompetent im Sinne von Dark Funeral gebollert, sorgt der Fünfer auf alle Fälle für genügend Struktur, sodass in dieser Kathedrale nie das Chaos ausbricht. Für das unerwartete und gelungene Motörhead-Cover ´Kingdom Of The Worm´ (endlich mal NICHT ´Ace Of Spades´) gibt´s einen Sonderapplaus!

STEFAN GLAS (Rock Hard #354/2016)

Rockcor 62016Совсем недавно молодая группа из Хорватии выпустила свой второй полно-форматный альбом. Пятеро мрачных ребят собрались в непроходимом лесу, чтобы по-клониться тёмным силам и записать доста-точно качественную музыку. Их творение оформлено в десять композиций, представ-ленных на сборнике, которые сливаются во-едино в грандиозный «хор проклятых душ». Основной темой лирики, естественно, явля-ется смерть, гибель богов и вселенной, слу-жение дьяволу и прочий тлен. «Тьма при-сутствует в каждом из нас», - проповедуют парни из Black Cult. Хорватских блэк-металлистов также явно беспокоит вопрос о том, какой будет жизнь в условиях глобаль-ной катастрофы. Мелодии песен также пре-исполнены мистицизмом и отчаянием. Они насыщены душераздирающими гитарными соло на фоне динамичных бласт-битов. Каждая песня представляет собой отдель-ную историю. Некоторые композиции весь-ма мелодичны для стандартного блэка. Особенно хотелось бы отметить песню под названием “Dark Matter”, как ключевую ком-позицию альбома. В ней наблюдаются плавные переходы, прерывание однообраз-ного дисторшена искусными выкрутасами лид-гитариста и неожиданная вставка весь-ма хорошего чистого вокала. Песня “The Witches Dance” напомнила сюжет булгаков-ского романа “Мастер и Маргарита” – все ведьмы возвращаются, и их колдовской круг никогда не завершится. Для придания сакральной значимости своему творению музыканты написали песню на латыни (“Ego Te Absolvo”). Ощущения увядания и истяза-ния после прослушивания данного альбома гарантированы. Завершает картину кавер на песню легендарного Лемми Килмистера “Kingdom of the Worm”. Кавер весьма при-ближен к оригиналу, но значительно утяже-лён по законам жанра. Обложка альбома не сможет особо удивить искушенных люби-телей блэка. Каноничная гамма цветов, сю-жет, подчёркивающий величие дьявола и его законов, а также незаменимая пикто-грамма в самом центре внимания – Black Cult не терпят новшеств. Альбом уж точно не принесёт разочарования слушателям.

Юлия Корчагина (Rockcor 6/2016)


Black Cult is a Croatian black metal project formed by prominent scene members- Insanus and Morbid in 2013. After being respectively joined by Leznik and Azaghal in 2014, the lineup of Black Cult was completed with The Fallen in 2015. “Cathedral of the Black Cult” is their second full length release. The commencing track “The Black Cathedral” displays the sheer talent of all members and certainly achieves their statement of wanting to combine the newer elements and trends of black metal with an old school brutality and attitude. “Worship the Beast” displays the technical precision and brutality that is customary of Black Cult. A stand-out track displaying their precision and cohesiveness while the chaotic tempo serves to highlight their obvious passion and talent for their music. Continuing onto “Dark Matter” displays a more upbeat blackened thrash tempo- offset by harsh and uncompromisingly brutal vocals ensure the listener is enthralled by the excellent musical diversity displayed within “Cathedral of the Black Cult”. “Until the Devil Takes Us” displays a more blackened- doom element while still remaining true to the aesthetics of Black Cult. A consistently musically and creatively sound track, once again serving to display Black Cult’s extensive musical diversity. “The Witches Dance” utilizes a more dramatic and brutal aspect of Black Cult’s diversity- the drum work is an exercise in technique and precision alone. Rapid tempo switches and consistent brutality ensures the listener is captivated. Continuing onto “Hierophant” ensures the listener holds a firm appreciation of this track. A more mournful and pensive tone is taken in “Hierophant” as opposed to the prior tracks, but still is a consistently strong track on a highly musically diverse release. “Undeath” has slight drone aspects artfully combined with the brutal black metal the listener has come to expect of Black Cult. Seamlessly combining the two styles with rapid tempo shifts, continually strong and consistent vocals and musical cohesiveness engage the listener further. “Gaze of Insanity” ensures the listener is once again left captured by Black Cult’s diversity with a more blackened speed aspect to this track. The slower tempo sections allow the musicians to be fully appreciated and enjoyed both individually and as a project. “Ego Te Absolvo” is the final original track by Black Cult on this release and is a masterful display of speed, precision and brutality. With so many brutal and strong musical aspects to this track- it is a fitting conclusion to their original tracks. A concluding cover of Motorhead’s “Kingdom of the Worm” is a welcome surprise ending with Black Cult adding their customary brutality.

Sarah McKellar (

Legacy Issue 104BLACK CULT sind ein Quintett aus Kroatien, das mit „Cathedral Of The Black Cult“ sein zweites Album abliefert. Wahrscheinlich ist es Sänger Morbid, der als einziger auf den ziemlich dunkel gehaltenen, verfremdeten Fotos mit Klinge und Kelch zu erkennen ist. Die Jungs haben sich düsteren Black Metal auf die Fahne geschrieben, der zuweilen durch relativ schräge Akkordfolgen geprägt wird. Dennoch haben BLACK CULT aber auch immer ein Auge für Nachvollziehbarkeit, Melodien sowie eingängige Hooklines.
Gut, eine „Singalong-Platte" ist „Cathedral Of The Black Cult“ natürlich keineswegs. Aber das Quintett schafft es schon, gut strukturierte, abwechslungsreiche Stücke zu schreiben. Die Vocals bestehen zumeist aus Black Metal-typischem Gekeife, wobei dann und wann auch mal klarer Gesang zum Zuge kommt. Zum krönenden Abschluss der Scheibe folgt mit ‘Kingdom Of The Worm’ sogar noch ein Motörhead-Cover, wobei man das Stück jedoch nicht unbedingt gleich als Song von Lemmy & Co. erkennt, haben BLACK CULT dem Ganzen doch durchaus nicht nur ihren eigenen Stempel verpasst, sondern den Track wie ein Eigengewächs erklingen lassen. Ob das gefällt oder nicht, obliegt dem Hörer zu beurteilen, bzw. hängt von seiner Auffassung ab, wie eine gute Coverversion zu klingen hat. Die eigenen Songs BLACK CULTs könnten noch eine gute Prise Originalität vertragen, orientieren sich die Kroaten momentan doch noch zu sehr an gängigen Genre-Vertretern. Ansonsten ist dem Quintett eine ansprechende Scheibe gelungen, die man zwar durchaus mal antesten kann, aber nicht zwingend haben muss.

8 Punkte
(CW) (Legacy #104/2016)


ROCK HARD35Nie je tak caste, aby sa do naSich koncin dostavali kapely i Chorvat- ska a nie to e§te hrajuce Cierno- ciernu formu me- talovej muziky. Priznam sa, ze nepoznam vefa kapiel z tejto krajiny, o to s vaCSfm zaujmom som sa puSfal do previerky a luskania kapely s pn'znac- nym nazvom k stylu, ktory hraju BLACK CULT. Nie je to asi moc originalny nazov (poznam pod tymto menom kapelu z Brazi'lie), ale to mi zatiar nevadi, posudim po prejdeni nahravky sluchovodmi. Z pnstupnych promomaterialov zisfujem, ze kapela funguje iba od roku 2013 a novinka .Cathedral of the Black Cult'je ich druhou rtahravkou. Obsahuje desaf skladieb s uctyhodnou dfzkou cez pafdesiat minut (posledna skladba .Kingdom of the Worm* je cover od kapely MOT0RHEAD). Uz po uvodnych tonoch zisfujem, ze nebudem mat do docinenia so ziadnymi hudobnymi novacikmi ci amatermi. Taz- ky, hutny a vyrazne atmosfericky black metal, na- bity energiou a pompou mi okamzite rozsfril ocne zrenicky. Kto ma pozna, tak vie, ze nie som orto- doxnym fanusikom cierneho kovu, ale z tohto som prekvapeny. Hudobna produkcia spajajuca v sebe vplyvy starych SATYRICOM a dajte tomu BEHEMOTH svedci o vsetkom. Vefmi dobre a svojsky ponaty a podanÿ black metal, spajajuci to najlepsie, бо tâto scéna za tie roky vyprodukovala. Energia, meniace sa nâlady, temnost hudobna zrelosf, vsetko, со potrebuje nârocny posluchâc. Mozno len ta dfzka albumu je zbytoönä. No, kto chce objavovat nové black metalové talenty, BLACK CULT je na to ako stvoreny.

KRIMATOR (Rock Hard #35/2016)


Black Cult is a Croatian band and the musicians have all had plenty of experience playing in other outfits. They play modern black metal and they are quite apt at it. The band uses riffs that may sound pretty ordinary on first glance, but many have strange and unexpected twists that turns the music into something fresh. The playing is incredibly tight, on level with bands such as Behemoth or Emperor and such. The vocals are excellent, the lyrics are occult but not to obscured by academic terms, which is nice for a change. The production is extremely good and sounds tight. The band has the right energy streaming through their veins. An excellent album that is worth every dime.

80 / 100
Kevin (

Scream Magazine 208Andre album fra kroatene er pâ trappene og det er sint og grusom black metal pâ sitt beste. Guttene fra kystbyen ved Adriaterhavet har virkelig satt sammen et album det stinker ded og svovel av. Pâ mange mâter kan dette karakteriseres som nok et ordinaert black metal- album, men jeg synes kroatene har lykkes med ä läge et album langt over snittet Gitarriffene er skarpere og mer spennende enn snittet samt at vokalen har en variasjon som jeg finner meget frisk. Oet er tillep til clean vokal pä enkelte av lat- ene og det passer musikken ypperlig. Laten «Dark Matter» er et meget bra eksempel pä overnevnte, og dette er min definitive favoritt blant mye bra. Kroatene avslutter sitt strokne album med en coverversjon av Motorheads «Kingdom Of The Worm» og da skjenner du nok atdisse gutta har stil.

Ove Ringdal (Scream Magazine #208/2016)


Necromance 7El sello ucraniano Another Side Records nos trae el segundo disco, después del primero “Neosatanism”, de los croatas BLACK CULT que es un auténtico bombazo, “Cathedral of Black Cult”, es un claro ejemplo de cómo está evolucionando la música extrema (no, no me refiero a metalcore o deathcore), es decir velocidad, agresividad, con toques de melodía y un muy buen trabajo instrumental, claro, diréis que ha sido siempre así, y ..bueno en algunos casos si ha sido así, en otros lamentablemente…no. Lo que proponen BLACK CULT es un Black metal, influenciado en algunos casos del death, con partes que se podrían asemejar a DIMMU BORGIR , pero con partes que podrían también recordaros a BEHEMOTH, INSANIAM,LIMBONIC ART, SATYRICON, 1349…como veis hay variedad en la propuesta. Empezamos con “Black Cathedral”, un tema que va poco a poco ganando terreno, va de menos a más, con un comienzo tranquilo se va uniendo una agresiva voz, para desatar el caos, el solo del tema es una gozada, me recuerda el estilo del guitarrista a Andy La Roque, ahí es nada. “Worship the beast”, comienzo brutal con la batería a todo trapo, y un riff que me recuerda a 1349, y el tema en general a los noruegos, con un buen solo, un tema rápido y brutal, con alguna parte de reposo al final. “Dark matter”, principio con una guitarra sola, y se unen todos en un ritmo que podría recordarte a ZYKLON, ya más adelante le da un aire a SATYRICON o DIMMU BORGIR, en este tema vienen unas voces limpias que la verdad que les hanquedado perfectas, el estribillo me recuerda también a KEEP OF KALESSIN, y un solo también muy bueno. Un temazo, sin duda, uno de los mejores del disco. “Until the devil take us”, un tema lento y siniestro hasta la mitad donde se acelera algo, con bombos, tiene una muy buena melodía y como siempre, un gran solo, el solista es un virtuoso de la guitarra, tras el solo una parte de silencio y un arranque bastante bueno, con una buena melodía al final. “The witches dance”, comienzo tranquilo para dar paso a una tormenta perfecta de agresividad y brutalidad, con partes melódicas no exentas de velocidad, un temazo. “Hierophant”, un principio que os puede recordar a SATYRICON o ENSLAVED, de esta época, en ambos casos, y el tema en general a SATYRICON, con alguna parte melódica, y como es de costumbre, atentos al solo, que es una joya. “Undeath”, principio también tranquilo, con cierto aire avant garde, y a medida que avanza se va acelerando y volviendo más agresivo, tiene un aire a DIMMU BORGIR, buen tema.Y aunque lo repita, os lo digo, el solo buenísimo. “Gaze of insanity”, un tema que al principio le parece a los temas lentos de 1349, sabiendo que al final llegará el veneno, y así es, nos movemos en este tema de las partes lentas pero agónicas a partes brutales a toda velocidad. “Ego te absolvo”, un tema que tiene un principio más “death”, el tema se parece en ocasiones a LIMBONIC ART, con disonancias muy propias de ellos, en otras le da un aire a bandas como GORGOROTH, al final del todo aparecen coros de voces tipo cantos religiosos, un gran tema para cerrar el álbum. Aunque para cerrar de veras, tenemos una buenísima versión de MOTORHEAD “Kingdom of the worm”, que la hacen francamente brutal, y la absorben muy bien a sus estilo. De sonido el disco está perfecto, se oye todo nítido y tiene ese punto agresivo que ha de tener el estilo, como instrumentistas son todos unos portentos, aunque he de decir que resaltan los solos de guitarra, que son un lujo, el vocalista también es muy bueno en el estilo que se manejan. La portada también muy buena. Vamos que nos encontramos con un pedazo de disco que has de tener o por lo menos oírlo.

Vicente Sánchez (Necromance #7/2016)

Black Cult are a band from Croatia that has been featured before in this zine and plays a very raw, melodic and satanic form of black metal and this is a review of their 2016 album "Cathedral of the Black Cult" which will be released in July by Another Side Recordings.
A very dark yet heavy sound starts off the album along with some grim black metal screams being added onto the recording a few seconds later and the riffs also bring in melodies at times that are very heavily Swedish influenced while the faster sections of the songs bring in a great amount of blast beats.
Throughout the recording there is a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts while the solos and leads are also done in a very melodic fashion and the faster riffs also bring in a great amount of tremolo picking which also gives the songs more of a raw feeling and there are some songs that also introduce clean singing and classical guitars onto the album while the focus remains more on a heavier style and they close the album with a cover of Motorhead's "King Of The Worm".
Black Cult creates another recording that remains true to the raw and melodic satanic black metal style of the previous release, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover darkness, occultism and satanism themes.
In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Black Cult and if you are a fan of raw, melodic and satanic black metal, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Black Cathedral" "Until The Devil Takes Us" "Hierophant" and "Ego te Absolvo".

OccultBlackMetal (Occult Black Metal Zine)

Croatia’s Black Cult is a new name to me, and a very promising new discovery based on the music I’ve heard so far from their second album, Cathedral of the Black Cult. The album was released in Ukraine and Croatia on June 9 by the Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records and by Another Side Records (the album will be released in the UK and elsewhere in Europe on June 17 and in the western hemisphere on July 8).
The album houses 10 songs, including a cover of Motörhead’s “Kingdom of the Worm”, though only three of the songs are now streaming on Bandcamp — and those are the ones I’ve heard. I’ve included the Bandcamp stream below, as well as a video for a fourth song “The Witches Dance”.
The quasi-industrial hammering and swarming malignant savagery of “Dark Matter” hooked me so hard I thought it would tear a hole in my gills. And in addition to the song’s jolting grooves, incendiary riffing, and inflamed growls and howls, it includes a shredtastic solo and soaring clean vocals that wouldn’t be out of place in a power metal song.
The other original song, “Hierophant”, is more mid-paced and dissonant, but it burns, too, and is further proof of the instrumental and compositional skill of this Black Cult (whose members, we are told, are veteran musicians). The Motörhead cover is the third streaming track on Bandcamp, and Black Cult successfully put their own savage, infernal spin on the song.
“The Witches Dance” is further proof of the dynamic variety of music on the album. It’s a grim, sinister, predatory, occult piece with perhaps the most memorable melody of the four songs you can hear below.


Black Cult’s track “The Witches Dance” has been named the song of the week on We Love Metal.

I'm a purist at heart. I've learned to adapt to new styles and the blurring of the lines over the years, but deep down I like my metal pure and unadulterated. This "pure" black metal track "The Witches Dance" by Black Cult fits the bill. Black metal is evil, heavy, a little scary, and should give you the feeling you're not supposed to be hearing this. Black Cult checked all the boxes and it was a no brainer to make this track the song of the week. Make sure to check out their new album "Cathedral Of The Black Cult." 

Martell (We Love Metal)


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