ADFAIL "Poetry Of Ruins" 2018
/Another Side Records/

1. Ode 05:28
2. After Apostasy 04:39
3. Beautiful Dawn 03:36
4. Escape 03:08
5. I Am the Sun 04:29
6. Fairytale 03:46
7. Snow 03:54
Total playing time: 27:04 min.





В свое время я пропустил этот альбом и это не удивительно, ведь на физических носителях он пока еще не издан, но уже доступна цифровая версия. Почему так? Скорее всего потому, что стиль группы сейчас не в тренде и даже большие команды сейчас не на высоте продаж. Но это отнюдь не уменьшает ценность данной музыки для ее любителей. Говорю я о смеси из дэз / дума и готического металла, столь популярной в конце девяностых и начале нулевых. Жесткие гитары, мужской и женский вокалы, клавиши, скрипки и пр. Дальше стиль начал затухать и модернизироваться в какое-то сопливое симфо дерьмо. Но россияне играют в старом ключе и их материал действительно тяжелый и грустный. Группа существует уже более десяти лет и имеет за плечами два студийных альбома и вот этот релиз. Я не совсем понимаю стоит ли его относить к полноформатным альбомам, так как его длительность не дотягивает до получаса, скорее это ЕР. Слушая музыку группы на ум приходит множество больших групп для сравнения и в тоже время не одна из них не копируется. Я остановлюсь только на TRISTANIA и DRACONIAN чтобы заинтересовать потенциальных фанатов ADFAIL.

Neophyte (Atmosfear #25)

I’m happy to listen a great album, this Russian band presented this mini album which has done a great mix between heavy riffs and melodic – guttural voices.
The first track is called "Oda", which is based on the poem "Bands of passion and Mirth" by John Keats. I like this song because of the dark melodies. The melancholy and nostalgia that they gave us is really amazing. The song seems like it’s alive. Maybe this is my favorite track.
The second song “After apostasy” is another great track, to be honest I felt like you are gonna march into a battle. I really enjoyed this song, sometimes I can hear the influence by DRACONIAN but with another type of personality.
“Beautiful Dawn” is another masterpiece in the album which reminds me a lot the influence of classic heavy metal bands. I like how they play with symphonic elements as well.
"Escape" based on great Dante Alighieri's poetry "The Divine Comedy" is the next song, I love the intro because it reminds me a lot of PARADISE LOST, very well created, I like how the play with augmentations and diminished in times. Even I can hear a touch of progressive metal.
"I am the sun" is the next song it could be “the ballad” of the album, I like how the band change the sound, the symphonic arrangement are spectacular and the melodic voice made an amazing job, “Fairytale” is an instrumental track, fantastic!!! The piano is the starring in this marvelous song. We listen the pure gothic side of the band on this track.
The final track is “Snow” a marvelous piece which merge the best of every song.
In short, I’ve been amazed by this album. Poetry of the ruins, is an ambitious work in which you can find the musical taste and the ambition of the members of the band. Only one point, the band needs to work mastering and mixing to get a better sound, but I know they will do it in the future!

Alex Montenegro (Insane Voices Labirynth)

Adfail from Russia released its third studio album via Another Side Records which is based in Ukraine and is some sort of division from Metal Scrap Records.
Adfail started under the name Asphodel somewhere in 2007 and changed its name to Adfail shortly after that. In 2011 the first full-length was released that’s was followed by the second full-length in 2013 and an EP in 2017.
Now a new EP is released and although the female vocals are not as present as you probably are used from Vokills Adfail’s Poetry of Ruins is interesting enough to feature them here on Vokills.
The music is in the vein of the British doom/death wave from the 90s, think of Anathema and My Dying Bride, add a little gothic metal from the 90s and you get Adfail. The music is spiced up with female vocals from Yulia Alymova and some operatic vocals from Victoria Kirillova and both ladies provide the gothic metal element in the music together with the violin.
The mixture of heavy parts with crushing guitar sound and the melodic stuff works really well, Poetry of Ruins is a very nice EP with an old school vibe.

Adfail are a band from Russia that plays a dark mixture of goth, doom and death metal and this is a review of their 2018 ep "Poetry of Ruins" which was released by Another Side Records.
A very slow, dark and heavy sound starts off the ep along with some atmospheric keyboards a few seconds later while the vocals also bring in a great amount of death metal growls as well as some clean male and female vocals also being used at times and also gives the music a gothic feeling.
Clean playing can also be heard at times while all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them along with the slow riffing being very heavily influenced by doom metal as well as some stringed instruments also being used at times, when guitar solos and leads are utilized they are done in a very melodic style and the riffs also use a decent amount of melody and as the ep progresses a brief use of spoken word parts and an instrumental can be heard.
Adfail plays a musical style that takes goth, dark, doom and death metal and mixes them together to create a sound of their own, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover dark and poetic themes.
In my opinion Adfail are a very great sounding mixture of goth, dark, doom and death metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "After Apostasy" and "Snow".

OccultBlackMetal (


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