CIRCLE STORY "Uncovered Fears" 2018
/Another Side Records/

1. Unfading Trace 04:12
2. Daily Nightmare 05:25
3. Forgotten Sunrise 05:19
4. Breakaway 04:41
5. Hold Me 04:15
6. The Warning 05:08
7. Wrong Guy 03:36
8. Disintegrated 04:13
9. I Believe 04:53
10. Mind Your Words 05:16
11. Forever in My Heart 02:15
Total playing time: 49:39





Ja się chyba starzeję. Podoba mi się ostatnia płyta GHOST, zdarza mi się słuchać staroci w klimatach LADY PANK, a teraz to. CIRCLE STORY wyskoczył jak Diabeł z pudełka i pozamiatał jak trzeba! Co ciekawe (jak co poniektórzy zdążyli się kapnąć już po pierwszym zdaniu) zespół ten nie tworzy Metalu we „właściwym” rozumieniu tego słowa… A co tworzy? Pamiętacie taki projekt Dana Swano o nazwie NIGHTINGALE? Otóż na „Uncovered Fears” mamy do czynienia z takimi właśnie klimatami. Nacisk na tworzenie unikalnej atmosfery, czyste wokale, ciekawe brzmienie tradycyjnego instrumentarium i żadnej pedalizy. Fajnie się tego słucha i po prostu wchodzi ta muzyka bez popitki. Na uszy rzucają się od razu przemyślane aranżacje i bogactwo pomysłów jakimi szermuje ten zespół. Dowodzi to faktu iż mamy do czynienia z doświadczonymi załogantami, o których prawdę powiedziawszy nic nie wiem! Poza tym że zespół jest zdaje się z Rosji (nic na to nie wskazuje!) są mi tworem kompletnie anonimowym. Jednakże muzyka jaką tu słyszymy na pewno nie raz jeszcze będzie gościła w moim odtwarzaczu. Tak, chyba się wszyscy starzejemy. Pytajcie w Metal Scrap.

R'Lyeh #15

CIRCLE STORY was formed in Ukraine, currently it seems they residing in Russia, in St. Petersburg. Earlier they released only one EP. The full-length debut album “Uncovered Fears” has an interesting, intriguing graphic design and unfortunately it’s the best that I can say about the album.
Musically, nothing is consistent in the album, despite of using of rich means. The song “Forgotten Sunrise” even used the choir. The compositions combine a rock-metal element with an atmospheric, lyrical themes. But the former elements has no power, and the latter ones does not cause any heart movement.
In general, the songs talk about nothing. The songs are completely devoid of any idea. The rhythm section does not create any base on which other musicians and vocalist could build something. Besides, the musicians don’t have anything interesting to say about their playing. The worst of them is probably the rhythm guitarist, his playing is monotonous buzz.
The music from the album has no power to convince. The nail in the coffin is the outro of the final track “Forever in My Heart”, using electronic sounds that I would describe as idiotic. Still, if I had to choose between listening to disco music or “Uncovered Fears” then I’d prefer Ukrainians. But I don’t think that’s a big compliment (to say it mildly). Maybe the band doesn’t have a strong leader who could grasp their abilities and lead them in a certain direction? So far it is weak.

Pavel (

Circle Story is a French Melodic Rock band founded around a year ago as far as I have been able to gather. Since that time, they have honed their skills and their performance, finally culminating in their first Full-lenght album which hit the digital and physical stores this summer.
The name of their so far magnum opus is Uncovered Fears and is an eleven track long homage to bands such as Alice in Chains and Alter Bridge – Both of which are also cited as heavy influences by the band.
Musically the three russians focus on a very traditional Rock sound, albeit with a melodic twist – Making for an easy-going and overall very mellow sound which I am told is on par for the genre.
“Forgotten Sunrise” which is the track that can also be found below excemplifies the overall sound of the band excellently, show-casing the wide appeal of such an approach.
That being said, Uncovered Fears is definitely still aimed at a specific demographic as I for one consider Circle Story a bit lacking in certain aspects. But then again, I am a huge growl-and-distortion fan, for the most part. At any rate, these fifty-some minutes are greatly recommended for fans of both Alter Bridge and Alice in Chains, as I believe I mentioned above.

Brian (

This is not something we usually cover here, a modern type of Melodic Rock / Metal with Progressive touches, quite accessible to the large audience and quite commercial too, but not in a good way, of course. Russian trio Circle Story debuts with 11 tracks into 50 minutes of playing time, 11 tracks with unique identity and sound yet creating a quite curdled whole. The band mixes everything they find suitable and the end result is both accessible, powerful, melodic, progressive and groovy, there's a bit from everything here, and although the vocals are absolutely great (the guy has a fantastic tone that could easily lead the band being played on any mainstream TV in prime-time), I wouldn't say they are the highlight here as that would do no justice to the clever guitar sturctures on both riffs and leads, heavy bass lines, catchy drumming and subtle but expressive keyboard parts, so each could be a highlight. Although I'm not that much into this "soft" style, I'd say we have a damn good band here, one that should push for the mainstream at all costs, this debut is a proof of the band's tremendous potential.

Adrian (Pest Webzine)

LEGACY 117Könnten sich die Männer von CIRCLE STORY mal etwas klarer entscheiden, welches Genre sie federführend beackern wollen, wäre die neue Platte der Truppe aus St. Petersburg sicherlich noch wohlwollender angenommen worden. Doch der anfänglich noch spannende Mix aus progressivem Metal im Stile neuerer Dream Theater-Releases und alternativen Rocksounds der Marke Tremonti verbraucht sich relativ schnell, weil die Russen spätestens ab der Mitte immer wieder aufs gleiche Pferd setzen und die grundsätzlichen Schemata sich sehr stark ähneln. “Uncovered Fears” ist zwar alleine wegen seiner starken Melodien auf jeden Fall einen Lauschangriff wert, will aber mit aller Macht seine westliche Orientierung aufrechterhalten und nimmt der Band dabei fast jede Chance auf einen eigenständigen Sound. Dies wiegt in der Endabrechnung glücklicherweise nicht ganz so schlimm, weil bei CIRCLE STORY absolut fähige Songwriter am Start sind, die sehr feine Spannungsbögen generieren und am Ende auch für das nötige Maß an Abwechslung sorgen. Doch mit “Uncovered Fears” hätte sich diese junge Newcomer-Combo mit einem Schlag an die Spitze des landeseigenen Genres schieben können, wäre der eigentliche Fokus etwas klarer ausgerichtet gewesen. Und das ist letzten Endes auch der Unterschied, der ein nach wie vor sehr gutes Album von einem Meisterwerk trennt.

BB (Legacy #117)

Circle Story happens to be a Russian melodic alternative rock band. With ‘Uncovered Fears’ they release their debut full length album. The band features vocalist/guitarist Igor Abruzov and guitarist/keyboardist Anton Golovatov as main composers. They also produced the album. In addition to bassist Dmitry Pronin they have an Italian drummer Antonio Aronne and he recorded his contribution in Italy.
The eleven compact own compositions are straight forward, fetching and include sure-fire choruses. The alternative rock of this four piece has obvious influences from the grunge era and is best comparable with arena bands such as Creed and Alter Bridge. Vocals of Igor are really good, clean and melancholic when needed. We get also that drawling style in chants of course. It happens to be an agreeable first encounter with nice melodic guitars as intro of ‘Unfading Trace’, heavier, low-tuned guitars in ‘Daily Nightmare’ and great melodies in the hammering ‘Forgotten Sunrise’. Songs are mostly mid-paced and include amazing guitar solos and tasty keyboard support. In ‘Hold Me’ and the melancholic ‘Forever In My Heart’ the band slackens down pace to give us any ballads. In brief, a beautiful album, totally crafted along the guidelines of alternative rock. Thus not original, yet diverting.

Vera (


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