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LOCUS TITANIC FUNUS (whose the name I would translate from Latin as the “Place of the Titanic destruction”) was created in 2010 in Moscow. “Never Pretend” is not their debut, because they previously released one full album in 2013.

The music from the latest Russian album is full of Doom Metal spirit. The moods expressed in this way are melancholy, despair, collapse, hopelessness. However, the heaviness and slow pace – although they broadcast the tone – are not the only means of expression used by these talented Muscovites. We also will find here more vivid fragments which I would describe as Doom Gothic Metal and Gothic Black Metal. The appearing accelerations give us short-lived hope for breaking out of the noose, unfortunately (?) Soon, with even greater strength, the depression returns. The climatic elements woven here and there do not weaken the overwhelming mood typical for Doom, but they strengthen it more.

The songs are composed and arranged with a great musical imagination. The band gives a lot from themselves moving within the genre of the music. The instruments play in a varied way. The guitars, in addition to massiveness, can play melodic, also quickly, can play the solos. The keyboards are quite richly used, in many moments I associate it with the Polish band NEGRADONNA (who plays a completely different music, but also sad music). Th drummer is very good, he is full of inventiveness. The vocals are abundant in hues, first of all the male, but also the female, they use different ways of singing, from spoken whisper to “black squawk”, they express various emotions: musings, despair, aggression. The song “Asphalt” is a climate, it is based on electronics, it gives a bit of breath. Whereas the last “Forgive Us” is a short outro. Despite the variety used, “Never Pretend” is the music for the persistent lovers of Doom Metal, who not only endure almost 70 minutes of gallows mood, but they will also enjoy it.

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