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The band was formed in 2005 in the locality of Vajont, in the Dolomites, in the Friuli region – Venezia Giulia. This place is known for the Vajont Dam, which was touch in 1963 the largest catastrophe in the history of the water dam.
INIRA previously released a full-lenght album in 2010 and a three-track EP in 2013. The music of “Gray Painted Garden” is an aggressive melodic death-metal / modern-metal. In these songs, sharp fragments alternate with calmer ones, there are many electronic, romantic intros and outros and interludes. A lot is happening on several plans at the same time.
The guitars and vocals bring the most to the work of the Italian quartet. The guitarist is able to pull the strings brutally but as well as calmly and climatically. His melodic licks and solos are interesting. There are some great parts of cooperation the guitar with the bass on the album. The vocalist is very versatile, he expresses various states of the human soul. He sings calmly, melodiously, but also in a dramatic way, full of despair, complaining. The vocalist of INIRA is very emotionally involved. The electronics appears all the time on the album, but it plays mainly the role of an ornament, it does not contribute much to the composition. The drummer does not stand out with anything special.
There is a lot of dynamism and brutality on “Gray Painted Garden”, but the tracks “The Falling Man” and “The Path” contain fragments referring to rock. The Italian music has darkness, pessimism, even despair, but it is not nihilistic, like black-metal.
The orthodoxs of dingy, underground metal have nothing to look for at INIRA disc. But in their style the band presents a high level.

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