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Picture a moody reviewer in the early morning congestions, with a good idea. And that idea is to put on the latest effort of the Italian band Inira. And all of the sudden, the traffic jam looks all different. The band was formed in 2005 and this is their second album since ‘Revolution Has Begun’, from 2010. These guys make melodic death metal, with a lot of orientation towards emo core. Think of the likes of Trivium, As I Lay Dying, bands that are not afraid to go full throttle, but that are also well capable of presenting more common singing, with a little more depth than a grunting or screaming voice.
On these eleven songs a band shows that knows what its intentions are. There is a great coherence in the songs, it has a remarkably good production value to it and the balance in the songs itself is very nice too. There is a clear sense of direction in this band, which anyone will acknowledge, regardless of taste. Every now and then there is a part which is shoved in a bit compelled, with shifts to a light, jazzy, ambiance, but I can understand that once that is on you palette, you want to use it too. All in all it is far from a burden to listen to for fans of the genre, to listen to the new Inira and from what I hear here I suspect they will be capable of turning an event into a party too. We might hear a lot more of this band, but in order to establish their name, the next record cannot wait another eight years.

Ramon (lordsofmetal.nl)


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