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ADES NUMEN was founded in 2017 in Padua, a city in northern Italy with a long and rich history. At the university there once studied, among others my great countryman Nicolaus Copernicus.
The band, apart from this album, has only released a two-track single in a digital version. The band was formed by former members of CRUENTA LACRYMIS, existing in the years 2012-2017. The musicians of ADES NUMEN also have connections with the groups as NECROPHY, OVERRAIN, ENDAYMYONIN, II DAWN. So they are people experienced in their artistic profession, which can be heard on the album.
The content of “War” is powerful, symphonic black / death metal. The instrumentalists are very good, but the main guitarist and drummer stand out more. The drummer adds more force to the music. Only the singer can sing in too little varied way. The music is aggressive and technical, with a bit of melody. Aggression reaches the degree of extreme black-metal in some songs. In other parts of the album it is calmer, in a mood of pessimism and despair. The song “Revenge Doll” can be included in the trend of decadence, which is emphasized by references to the style of the artistic song from a cabaret. Interesting keyboard and orchestral motifs are constantly heard in the background.
The compositions from the album differ in style, mood. This is not monotonous brutality. A lot is happening in individual tracks. We have there short decelerations, climatic inserts, the using of choirs, strings, changing the speed of the music, diversifying the rhythms and melodies. The album is begin by an ingenious climate intro, and the last song ends like a slow-down, fading disc.
The Italians also thought about the interesting start and end of their work. ADES NUMEN “War” is a very good proposition from Italy.

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