Can anyone suggest a professional grade equalizer that takes out and banishes the retarded synthesizer from ‘metal’ albums?
One second the sound of glorious brutal death metal is pouring out of the speakers at Metallian Towers and the next dan dadan dadan daaaaan it is a band yielding to trendy synthesized commercialism and going trendy exposing its weak underbelly via keyboards. It is like a cold shower when one least expects or needs it. That is Ades Numen. This is a band with vigorous fast parts and pounding heavy riffs that rivals the best of Vader only to spray the hapless listener with a lame keyboard sound and a false operative tenor. It is static to a radio broadcast, a fart into the microphone at a concert, the sound of breaking dishes and swearing at a fine restaurant and a jet aeroplane roaring overhead whilst a relaxation spa.
The trio’s photograph depicts a band that looks ferocious, serious and committed, but then comes the “symphonic” description and all credibility is lost. It is especially painful because the band’s songs are so brutally good. Medusa, Sin Son and other tracks crush with talent and power. Will the band let this stand? No.

Ali “The Metallian” (


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