This Polish quintet's debut album features cover art and liner notes that might be expected from their genre. Ten - the album title says as much - songs and 28 minutes might hint at the same. Revenge Of The Pork is the opening title. This says even more. The band is grinding with grunting vocals courtesy of Gulash. Dirty Marriage keeps going though a listener might expect more blasts from such a band. Instead the song and indeed the album as a whole are somewhat more controlled. Kristin is much the same and perhaps the quintet are more gore than grind. Crocodile is less than two minutes long and fits the mold well with Benighted and similar type grind. Anioły Zjadają Plon could be faster, though aggressive and heavy it is not as effective as it could be. Baal is almost double the length of the next longest song on Dziesięć. As such its pace is mostly different than the other nine songs. It is dominated by Gulash and a heavy rhythm. Dysk-O could use some pace too. The band seems to lose something here, even the heaviness. Walec regains the momentum somewhat. Friday is not a cover song! The album closes with Pitbull. The song is perhaps the craziest on the album. At just over two minutes it just goes crazy. Tranquillizer 247's offering could be heavier and faster and be fully grinding but is nonetheless aggressive madness.

Anna Tergel (Metallian)


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