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Described band was established in 2015 in the city known from the Jasna Gora Monastery. So far, this album is the only release of the inhabitants of Czestochowa. The drummer of TRANQUILIZER 247 previously played in a little known DEMONIC MINDS performing thrash / heavy metal.
“Ten” is filled with brutal, technical death metal, not exceeding the boundaries of the genre, but played originally. All instrumentalists are highly skilled, especially guitarists. The singer is also very good, he uses a whole range of death-metal vocals.
The compositions often combine aggression with a certain hitness and somewhat ludic rhythms. Sometimes I can even say that TRANQUILLIZER 247’s music is rocking. The pieces “Baal”, “Disk 0” and “Waltz”, due to their unusual rhythm and a certain element of psychedelia, remind me of GRUZJA’s works. However, the number “Pitbull” is for me PRIMUS in high gear. There are also extremely fast, grindcore-style fragments.
The lyrics are probably crazy, but difficult to fully understand due to the growling style of singing – even though some of them are in my language (Polish).
The music is very mature. It’s hard to believe that this is the band’s debut and not the result of long-term experience. But in the rehearsals, bloody work was certainly done.
I suppose the members of TRANQUILLIZER 247 are very familiar with different genres of music. They have their own idea of ​​creating sounds. A combination of brutality, technique, weirdness and otherworldliness. Death-metal / Grindcore for the intelligent.

Livius Pilavi (Metal Centre)


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